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How to Check The Diesel Generator Set High Pressure Oil Leakage

Mar. 21, 2022

When the diesel generator sets operation, there are may be some small faults occurs, such as oil leakage from high-pressure oil pipes. Although small faults have big hidden dangers, oil leakage will also cause economic waste. Therefore, in this article, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce in detail the cause analysis of oil leakage from high pressure oil pipes of diesel generator sets and the solutions. Oil leakage occurs when the joints of the engine oil pipes are cracked or broken. Generally, the high-pressure oil pipes of the two cylinders of diesel engine I and VI are easier to break than those of other cylinders. In addition to the quality of the oil pipe itself, the main reason is that when the fuel injection pump is repaired and dismantled, the fixed high-pressure oil pipe clamp is missing or installed in an inappropriate position.

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The oil leakage in the connection part of the high-pressure oil pipe may be caused by the poor sealing of the conical surface of the connection seal of the high-pressure oil pipe, the fuel injector and the fuel injection pump. Through inspection, after eliminating the cause of oil leakage of the fuel injection pump and fuel injector, check whether the cold heading cone surface of the finished high-pressure oil pipe meets the requirements of the drawing, and whether there is any error in the bending size. Due to the vibration of the high-pressure oil pipe and the installation stress caused by the bending error of the high-pressure oil pipe, it may aggravate the tightness of the sealing cone surface.

In order to ensure the requirements of the shape and dimensional accuracy of the sealing cone, it is recommended to add a process of finishing grinding the cone surface after the cold heading of the high-pressure oil pipe connection head and before the oil pipe is bent, so as to ensure the accuracy of the size and shape of the cone surface through grinding. Generally, each high-pressure oil pipe must be ground by 0.02~0.05mm to form a complete and accurate cone surface, and individual ones must be ground by more than 1.0mm. It is also necessary to put a protective cover on it after cold heading for storage, which can solve the problem of parts bumping.

The maintenance method for oil leakage of high pressure oil pipe of diesel generator set is as follows:

When there is no new pipe to be replaced for a while, a plastic pipe with a length of 1-2cm and a diameter of about 5mm should be placed at the joint of the conical surface of the high-pressure oil pipe and the conical hole, or a copper washer with an inner diameter slightly larger than the inner diameter of the oil pipe and an appropriate outer diameter. The fracture of the high-pressure oil pipe of the diesel generator set mostly occurs at the end connected to the fuel injection pump, and the crack occurs at the excessive arc where the ball head of the pipe end and the outer diameter of the oil pipe meet.

The first reason is that the torque does not meet the requirements (the torque of the high-pressure oil pipe nut should be controlled at 40~6ON•m). If the torque is too large, the thread will be damaged and the oil pipe will be deformed; if the torque is too small, the sealing cone surface is easy to leak. When the nut is screwed to a certain pre-tightening force, if there is diesel leakage at the oil pipe joint, the oil pipe should be removed, and the cone in contact with the oil suction pump or the injector should be checked for dirt. If so, remove it. Then tighten according to the specified torque.

Second, the installation position is incorrect. The two ends of the high-pressure oil pipe are not installed in the correct position with the injector body and the oil outlet valve, causing the high-pressure oil pipe to be twisted and deformed. At this time, forcibly tighten the nuts at both ends of the oil pipe, which will damage the oil pipe and cause oil leakage.

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