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How to Check The Diesel Engine Shutdown Solenoid?

Jan. 17, 2024

The dual coil electromagnet of diesel engines is suitable for operators to provide instantaneous current to the suction coil with a key switch, and this method is widely used in the on/off control of diesel engines.

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The shutdown solenoid of a diesel engine is an air valve shut-off switch, which can cause serious consequences due to the entry of combustible gases into the engine's intake, allowing the engine to operate safely in hazardous environments. So how to check the diesel engine shutdown solenoid? This article is explained by Guangxi Dingbo Electric Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a professional diesel generator manufacturer.

1. Pay attention to checking the elasticity of the return spring.

The shutdown electromagnet usually adopts the working mode of starting with power on and stopping with power off. To ensure that the iron core can fully return to its original position after a power outage, a return spring is installed on the stop electromagnetic telescopic arm. If the spring's elasticity is insufficient, the iron core telescopic arm cannot fully return, and the diesel engine cannot be stopped. The strong elasticity of the spring may also prevent the iron core telescopic arm from extending, making the diesel engine unable to start or unable to work after starting. So it is necessary to regularly check the elasticity of this spring and always ensure that it is in good technical condition.

2. Regularly inspect and lubricate the joints related to the stop electromagnetic telescopic arm.

Due to installation location limitations, some diesel engine shutdown electromagnets may require several transition joints to be connected to the fuel injection pump cut-off arm. These transition joints may lose flexibility over time due to being in a high temperature or exposed state, causing the shutdown electromagnet to move slowly or not, resulting in difficulty or inability to start the diesel engine. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance of these areas are very important.

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