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How to Check The Crankshaft of Perkins Diesel Generator Set?

Mar. 24, 2023

The crankshaft is the main rotating component of the Perkins diesel generator set. As one of the important components of the set, after the set has been used for a period of time, it is naturally necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the crankshaft. Today, Starlight will explain in detail how to inspect the crankshaft of the Perkins diesel generator set.

Perkins 500kva generator

1. Detection of crankshaft bending deformation: Place the crankshaft on a V-shaped block on the detection platform, with the pointer of the dial gauge touching the middle main journal. Rotate the crankshaft for one revolution, and the runout of the pointer of the dial gauge should generally not exceed 0.04-0.06mm.

2. Pay attention to distinguishing the relationship between the radial runout error of the journal, the straightness error of the crankshaft axis, and the curvature. The engine crankshaft journal repair is divided into three levels of repair dimensions, with each 0.25 mm being one level.

3. Due to the different materials of the crankshaft, the operating requirements for cold pressing correction are different. Pay attention to preventing the crankshaft from breaking or emerging new cracks.

4. When the roundness and cylindricity errors of the crankshaft of the Perkins diesel generator set are greater than 0.025 mm, they should be polished according to the repair dimensions.

5. Detection of crankshaft wear: Use an outside micrometer or vernier caliper to measure the wear of the main journal and connecting rod journal, and calculate the circular and cylindricity errors to determine whether the crankshaft needs major repair.

(1) Select an outside micrometer with an appropriate range according to the crankshaft journal.

(2) According to the wear rule, use an outside micrometer to measure the wear amount on the crankshaft main journal and the connecting rod journal, and calculate the roundness and cylindricity errors. Measure on both sides of the journal oil hole first, and then select 90 ° to measure again. Select two cross sections for each journal, each at approximately 1/3 of the journal length. Transverse cracks are not allowed on the surface of the crankshaft journal. If the depth of transverse cracks is within the repair dimension of the journal, they can be ground off by grinding, otherwise they should be discarded.

6. When measuring the crankshaft journal size, roundness, and cylindricity errors, they should be staggered from the oil holes.

The main purpose of testing the crankshaft of a Perkins diesel generating set is to detect the magnitude of its error and determine the impact on the normal operation of the unit. If the detected error exceeds a reasonable range, it is necessary to promptly replace it to ensure efficient operation of the unit.

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