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How To Adjust The Oil Supply Advance angle Of Emergency Diesel Generator Sets

Mar. 24, 2023

In recent years, more and more enterprises have chosen to purchase diesel generator sets as emergency power supplies during power outages. When there is a mains power outage or a power rationing policy imposed due to seasonal power consumption peaks, users do not have to worry about being unable to carry out normal production due to insufficient power. Users who have known the working principle of diesel generator sets know that it is very important to adjust the oil supply submission angle of diesel generator sets properly. If you don't know how to adjust, follow Jiangsu starlight power to learn more.


1. Remove the high-pressure oil pipe from the front cylinder of the fuel injection pump-governor assembly, and lock the handle on the governor at the position where the diesel generator set has a large oil supply volume.


2. Pull the flywheel according to the running direction of the diesel generator, observe the fuel supply condition of the fuel injection pump near the front cylinder during the rotation, and stop rotating the crankshaft when it is found that the oil level of the front cylinder has just fluctuated.


diesel generator set

3. If the fuel supply angle on the flywheel corresponding to the pointer on the flywheel housing does not match the specified fuel supply angle for this type of diesel engine, loosen the two locking screws on the connecting plate of the fuel injection pump, then rotate the crankshaft to align the pointer with the angle within the specified range, and tighten the two fixing screws.


The oil supply advance angle of the emergency diesel generator set cannot be too large or too small, otherwise the fuel injection of the diesel generator set will be abnormal, resulting in unstable operation of the unit and affecting its normal operation. Adjusting the oil supply system of the emergency diesel generator set in accordance with the above methods can ensure a greater diesel combustion consumption rate, improve the performance of the unit, and save operating costs.


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