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How to Adjust The Fuel Supply of Cummins Diesel Generator Set?

Jan. 22, 2022

Do you know how to adjust the oil supply of the Cummins diesel generator set? If the oil supply of each cylinder of the Cummins diesel generator set is uneven (some cylinders are too large, some cylinders are too small), it will directly affect the stability of the engine operation. The fuel injection pump can be removed for inspection and adjustment on the test bench. However, if a test stand is not available, it is necessary to check for uneven oil supply and also to roughly check the oil supply of the suspect cylinder. Check the adjustment method and prepare two glass graduated cylinders for later use. If you can't find the graduated cylinder at this point, you can use two identical vials instead, and in the case of an oversized (or undersized) fuel supply, remove the high-pressure fuel line fitting that connects to the 1-cylinder injector. Remove the high-pressure pipe joint connecting the first cylinder with normal fuel supply and the fuel injector, and insert the two fuel pipe heads into two measuring cylinders (or vials) respectively. Use the starter to drive the engine to rotate to make the fuel injection pump pump oil.

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When there is a certain amount of diesel oil in the graduated cylinder (or vial), place the graduated cylinder on the water platform and compare the oil amount to judge whether the oil supply amount is too large or too small. If they are replaced by vials, they can be weighed and compared. The relative position of the fork (or ring gear) on the fuel injection pump fuel quantity adjustment rod (ie, gear rod) can be changed for adjustment. The p-type pump can be adjusted by rotating the flange sleeve. During the operation of the Cummins diesel generator set, according to experience, special attention should be paid to the following points. Loosen the fixing screw of the fork (or the ring gear, or the flange sleeve), and only need to move it slightly to change the oil supply. Do not move too much. more, otherwise it is difficult to adjust accurately (if necessary, mark the initial position first for comparison). After each adjustment, the tightness of the fixing screws must be confirmed. When adjusting the oil supply, make sure that the oil supply is not higher than the standard oil supply. This is because the adjustment is made at low speed.

Considering the influence of many factors such as oil leakage, a large non-uniformity (30%) is allowed at this time, but due to the influence of factors such as throttling, the allowable non-uniformity at high speed is small (3%). If the oil volume at low speed is higher than the standard supply, the oil volume at high speed may vary greatly and even exceed the rated supply. If the maximum fuel supply and minimum fuel supply of the same engine are very different, do not rush to adjust. First, switch and install the oil outlet valves of both pumps to check and compare, which sometimes changes the oil supply. If the oil supply does not change after switching, both pumps need to be adjusted one by one. The oil supply is adjusted by the contrast method, and the operation must be meticulous.

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