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How to Achieve The Supercharging Effect of Cummins Generator?

Aug. 09, 2022

Today we will briefly introduce to you how to achieve the supercharging effect of Cummins generator.

Cummins diesel generator

Due to the increasing power of various electrical appliances, the power requirements for Cummins generators are also increasing, and there are many ways to increase the power of Cummins diesel engines, such as increasing the working volume of the cylinder, increasing the speed of the diesel engine, and so on. However, these methods are very limited in production and bring great difficulties to manufacture, use and maintenance. At present, the most effective measure to improve the power of diesel engine is to increase the amount of air charge and fuel supply, that is, to use the method of supercharging. The function of the Cummins diesel generator booster is to compress the air and increase the air density into the cylinder, so as to increase the intake air volume for more fuel to be burned, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the power of the diesel engine.

The supercharging of Cummins generators is achieved through a special device - a supercharger. Cummins generator supercharger can be divided into mechanical supercharger, exhaust gas turbocharger and compound supercharger according to the different energy sources used. The Cummins 6BT5.9-G diesel engine adopts the form of exhaust gas turbocharging.

The characteristics of exhaust gas turbocharging are: using the exhaust gas discharged from the diesel engine as an energy source to drive the supercharger to operate without consuming the useful work emitted by the diesel engine.

The working principle of the exhaust gas turbocharger is to connect the exhaust pipe to the worm gear casing of the supercharger. The high-temperature exhaust gas with a certain pressure discharged from the Cummins diesel engine enters the nozzle ring through the turbine casing. Since the channel area of the nozzle ring is made from large to small, the pressure and temperature of the exhaust gas are reduced, but the speed is rapidly increased. This high-temperature and high-speed exhaust gas flow hits the turbine in a certain direction, causing the turbine to rotate at a high speed. The higher the pressure, temperature and velocity of the exhaust gas, the higher the turbine speed. The exhaust gas passing through the worm gear is finally discharged into the atmosphere. At this time, the compressor impeller, which is fixed on the same rotor shaft as the turbine, also rotates at the same speed, sucking the air filtered by the filter into the compressor casing. The high-speed rotating compressor wheel flings the air to the outer edge of the impeller, increasing its speed and pressure, and entering a diffuser shaped into a small inlet and a large outlet, so the speed of the airflow decreases and the pressure increases. Then, the air pressure continues to rise through the annular compressor casing whose section is from small to large. The high-pressure air flows through the diesel engine intake pipe and enters the cylinder to be mixed with more diesel to ensure that the Cummins diesel generator produces more power.

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