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Hazards of Vibration Machines in Hydroelectric Generating Sets

Jul. 21, 2023

The vibration of water turbine generator sets is different from general dynamic mechanical vibration. The vibration phenomenon of the unit is obvious, but the vibration source is usually hidden. In addition to vibrations caused by the rotating or fixed parts of the machine itself, the electromagnetic force of the generator must also be considered. The effect of flow pressure on the overflow part of a turbine on the vibration of the system and its components. There are many reasons for the vibration of hydroelectric generator sets. Usually, there are multiple vibration sources at the same time. It is generally believed that the interference sources that cause unit vibration mainly come from three aspects: hydraulic, mechanical and electrical. These three interact and interact with each other. Usually intertwined to form coupled vibrations.

genset maintenance

The general vibration of water turbine generator set will not damage the unit, but when the unit vibration exceeds the allowable value, especially for long-term vibration and resonance, power quality, unit life, auxiliary equipment and instrument performance, unit foundation and surrounding buildings. Things, even the safety and economic operation of the entire hydropower station, can bring serious harm.

Hazards can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1) The formation and propagation of fatigue damage areas between unit metal parts and welds may result in cracks or even scrapping and damage.

2) Loosening the fastening components of this machine not only causes the fasteners themselves to break, but also exacerbates the vibration of the components connected to them, thereby accelerating their damage.

3) Accelerate the mutual wear of rotating parts of the equipment. If the large shaft vibrates violently, the temperature of the shaft and bearing liner will increase, thereby burning the bearing liner; The excessive vibration of the generator rotor increases, the wear of the slip ring and brush increases, the temperature increases, the bearing liner burns, and the brush blows. Sparks continue to increase.

4) The vortex pulsating pressure formed in the drainage tube can cause the water system to oscillate, the device to oscillate, and cracks are generated on the wall of the drainage tube. In severe cases, the entire tailrace facility may be damaged.

5) The consequences of turbine genset resonance are even more severe. If resonance occurs between the unit equipment and the factory, the entire equipment and factory will be damaged to varying degrees. Hydraulic vibration The vibration caused by the disturbance of fluid power pressure in the hydraulic part of the turbine is called hydraulic vibration. The hydraulic factors that generate vibration mainly include low-frequency vortices in the drainage tube, Kalman vortices, hydraulic instability caused by blade vortices, instability during excessive processes, hydraulic imbalance, cavity cavitation, clearance jet (axial flow) turbines, and so on.

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