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Hazards of Quiet Diesel Generator Set with Load Emergency Shutdown

Feb. 26, 2022

What is the emergency shutdown of silent diesel generator set with load? That is, the silent diesel generator set suddenly stops suddenly in the process of running with load. This operation is harmful to the diesel engine and is not allowed. This wrong operation will seriously affect the service life of the silent diesel generator set and should be avoided in daily operation.

genset silent

Emergency shutdown with load or immediate shutdown after unloading the load suddenly, the circulation of the cooling system water stops after the silent diesel generator set is turned off, the heat dissipation level drops sharply, the heated parts are not cooled, and it is easy to cause the cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block and other components overheating, causing cracks, or over-expanding the piston and getting stuck in the cylinder liner.

At the same time, when the silent diesel generator set stops, there is no idling to reduce heat, which will cause insufficient oil content on the friction surface. When the diesel engine is restarted, it will aggravate wear due to poor lubrication. After the cold start of the diesel engine, the throttle is violently slammed. If the throttle is slammed, the speed of the silent diesel generator set will rise sharply, which will cause some friction surfaces on the engine to be strongly worn due to dry friction.

The appearance of the parts of the silent diesel generator set is worn out, and the actual operation coordination among the parts changes, so that the normal working requirements cannot be met. As a result, the parts and even the silent diesel generator set cannot work normally. And in terms of energy, friction will convert part of the input energy into heat energy and lose it in vain, causing waste and making the silent diesel generator set less efficient.

We know that the function of lubricating oil is to lubricate and remove some impurities and debris caused by the piston and cylinder block. The wear in the middle will increase, and the heat will increase. The greater the friction, the more severe the adverse effect. The result is that when the engine is restarted, dry friction or semi-dry friction will form between the cylinder and the piston, which will accelerate the wear of the parts, and greatly increase the maintenance probability of the silent diesel generator set. . Therefore, the silent diesel generator set cannot be shut down suddenly with load.

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