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Hazard Caused by Generator Shaft Current Fault

Mar. 24, 2022

The situation of shaft current and damage to machine components due to the electrification of the generator rotor appeared earlier in diesel generator sets, so the reason for the formation of the shaft current is generally linked to the electromagnetic effect. With the application of steam turbine-driven centrifugal compressor units in large-scale petroleum and chemical plants, especially in fertilizer plants, the problem that shaft current affects the long-term operation of the unit has become more and more prominent. Couplings, floating ring seals and transmission gears generate electrical spark discharges, which damage the metal surface and destroy the oil film formation. If this damage is not detected in time, it can cause many problems in the operation of the machine and can cause serious damage to the main components of the machine.

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The introduction materials about shaft current faults are relatively rare. Starlight power generation equipment will make a brief introduction based on the actual problems encountered in production. Damage and consequences of shaft current of diesel generator set to rotor parts.

The rotating shaft must use a certain lubrication method to keep the rotor and the bearing not in direct contact, that is, the entire rotor is insulated with an oil film between the stator and the stator when it rotates at high speed. Due to the resistance of the rotor to the ground, once it is charged, the voltage to the ground will be established. When the voltage rises to a certain value, it will break down in the area with small resistance and spark discharge will occur. The main consequences of this discharge are as follows:

(1) Melting metal particles in the discharge area to form tiny galvanic pits on the metal surface;

(2) The accumulation of pits makes the surface rough and tarnished, and if it occurs on the bearing bush, it will cause pure mechanical wear;

(3) The molten metal particles enter the lubrication system, contaminate the lubricant, and the lubricating performance of the entire lubrication system deteriorates, and the lubricant containing a large amount of metal particles will reduce the oil film resistance and accelerate the progress of spark erosion;

(4) Local high temperature is generated in the bearing bearing area, which destroys the oil film, burns out the metal, increases wear, and causes serious friction damage.

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