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Harmfulness of Diesel Generator Set Valve Leakage

May. 12, 2022

Diesel generator set valve leakage will directly affect the working characteristics of the engine and the economy of use. Therefore, maintenance and users of diesel generator sets should pay great attention to the valve leakage of diesel generator sets.

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Diesel generator set valve leakage will cause engine cylinder leakage, increased fuel consumption, poor fuel combustion in the cylinder, exhaust smoke or air filter blow-by. Abnormal vibrations often occur during exercise.

Under the scorching of high temperature airflow, the valve head and valve seat of diesel generator set are quickly ablated, which reduces the mechanical strength, and then wears and deforms, which makes the leakage more serious and the carbon deposition increases, resulting in a vicious circle.

If the exhaust valve is leaking, and the exhaust pipe is blocked by carbon deposits, the exhaust is not smooth, and the gap between the valve guide rod and the duct is too large, there will be a part of the high-temperature exhaust gas along the gap between the valve guide rod and the valve guide to wash the lubricating oil. After entering the valve chamber, it pollutes the valve chamber, causing poor lubrication of the rocker arm parts of the valve chamber, increasing the temperature, adhering to carbon deposits, and accelerating the wear and damage of the valve mechanism of the diesel generator set.

If the intake valve is leaking, during the compression process of the leaking cylinder, the compression temperature cannot make the oil injected at the timing spontaneously ignite, and part of the combustible mixture flows back to the intake port and intake pipe through the air leakage gap of the intake valve. , and then re-injected into the cylinder in the intake stroke of the next cycle. When constant fuel is injected into the cylinder of the working stroke, the accumulated fuel and combustible mixture will burn, causing the engine to work rough and make a knocking sound.

If it is a multi-cylinder engine, when the intake valve of a certain cylinder leaks, the combustible mixture or exhaust gas flowing back into the intake pipe will be sucked into other cylinders, which will affect the work of other cylinders. After the valve of the diesel generator set has an air leakage fault, if the diesel generator set is not repaired and re-grinded in time to restore its tightness, it will develop into the ablation of the valve seat, the valve head cone, and the root of the valve stem in a short time. As a result, it cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced with new parts, and there is a risk that the valve will be broken and fall into the cylinder and the hidden danger of damage to the parts.

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