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Generator Set Turbocharger Fault Diagnosis Process

Mar. 24, 2022

There are many units with superchargers in the generator set. The quality of the supercharger is directly related to the working efficiency of the generator set. How to check and find out whether the supercharger is faulty? The basic steps for the fault diagnosis process and maintenance inspection of the turbocharger of the generator set are as follows:

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Check the exterior and installation of the genset turbocharger. Listen for unusual mechanical noises. Visually inspect for air leaks, blockages, overheating, throttling, or impeller touching the housing. What appears to be a small, insignificant system leak at genset idle or low power can seriously affect the engine's air-fuel ratio and the gas pressure in the turbocharger housing at rated load. So once this kind of air leakage occurs, it will cause serious problems at rated load.

(1) 15min power: Under the condition of standard environment (starting Po=100kPa, relative humidity equal to 30%, ambient temperature To=298K or 25℃, the inlet temperature of the cooling medium of the intercooler is 298K or 25℃.), the diesel engine allows The rated power of continuous operation for 15min.

(2) 1h power: Under standard environmental conditions, the rated power of the diesel engine is allowed to run continuously for 1h.

(3) 12h power: Under standard environmental conditions, the rated power of the diesel engine is allowed to run continuously for 12h.

(4) Continuous power: Under standard environmental conditions, the rated power of the diesel engine to allow long-term continuous operation.

The 15min power is for automotive diesel engines, such as cars, motorcycles and motorboats, when overtaking or chasing at high speed, and it is allowed to run at full load within 15 seconds. During normal driving, run at the rated power of the diesel engine.

For vehicle diesel engines, 1h power is usually used as the calibration power, 15min power is used as the power, and the corresponding speed is the calibration speed and speed. Cars are often driven at a power lower than the rated power. Therefore, in general, the rated power of the diesel engine for vehicles is set relatively high to give full play to the workability of the diesel engine.


Diesel engines for generator sets, marine main engines and diesel locomotives usually use continuous power as the calibration power, 1h power is high-power generator sets and ship sailing has high requirements on the durability and reliability of diesel engines, and the use power cannot be calibrated too high. The calibration of the used power is a complicated work. The higher the used power of the diesel engine is, the shorter its service life is. At present, the calibration of the power used by the product is based on the user's requirements and the performance of the product, and is calibrated by the generator set manufacturer itself.

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