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General Structure of Volvo Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 21, 2022

Volvo diesel generator set is mainly composed of body components and crank connecting rod mechanism, valve train and intake and exhaust system, fuel supply system, lubrication system, cooling system, starting device and other mechanisms and systems.

Body: It is the skeleton of the diesel engine, which supports and installs other components, including: cylinder block, cylinder liner, cylinder head, cylinder gasket, oil pan, flywheel housing, timing gear housing, front and rear feet.

Volvo diesel generator

Crank connecting rod mechanism: It is the main moving part of the diesel engine. It can convert the energy generated by fuel combustion into mechanical energy through pistons, piston pins, connecting rods, crankshafts and flywheels. Including crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, piston pin, piston pin circlip, piston pin bushing, piston ring, main bush, connecting rod bush, thrust bearing, front and rear oil seals of crankshaft, flywheel, shock absorber, etc.

Valve train and intake and exhaust system: The valve train consists of a valve group (intake valve, exhaust valve, valve guide, valve seat and valve spring, etc.) and a transmission group (tap, tappet, rocker arm, rocker arm shaft, etc.) , camshaft and timing gear, etc.), the intake and exhaust system is composed of air filter, intake pipe, exhaust pipe and muffler, etc. The function of the valve train and the intake and exhaust system is to open in time according to certain requirements And close the intake and exhaust valves, discharge the exhaust gas in the cylinder and inhale fresh air, to ensure the smooth progress of the Volvo diesel generator set ventilation process.

Fuel supply system: The function of the fuel supply system of Volvo diesel generator set is to inject a certain amount of diesel oil into the combustion chamber with a certain pressure within a certain period of time to mix with air, so as to burn and do work. It is mainly composed of diesel tank, fuel transfer pump, diesel filter, fuel injection pump (high pressure fuel pump), fuel injector, governor and so on.

Lubrication system: The function of the lubrication system is to send the lubricating oil to the friction surface of each moving part of the Volvo diesel generator set to reduce friction, cool, purify, seal and prevent rust, so as to reduce frictional resistance and wear, and take away the lubricating oil. The heat generated by friction ensures the normal operation of the Volvo diesel generator set. It is mainly composed of oil pump, oil filter, oil radiator, various valves and lubricating oil passages.

Cooling system: The function of the cooling system is to transfer the heat of the heated parts of the Volvo diesel generator set to keep the Volvo diesel generator set working at the most suitable temperature to obtain good economy, power and durability. The cooling system is divided into water cooling and air cooling. Most Volvo diesel generator sets use a water cooling system, which uses water as the cooling medium. There are also a few Volvo diesel generator sets that use an air-cooled system. The air cooling method, also known as the air cooling method, uses air as the cooling medium to transmit the heat of the heated parts of the Volvo diesel generator set. This cooling method consists of a fan and an air shroud. In order to increase the heat dissipation area, heat dissipation fins are usually cast on the cylinder head and cylinder block.

Starting device: Volvo diesel generator set cannot start by itself, and must rely on external force to make it run on fire and burn to achieve self-running state. Therefore, Volvo diesel generator sets must be equipped with a dedicated starting device. The Volvo diesel generator set that is started by hand is equipped with a starting claw; the motor-started is equipped with a starter motor; the compressed air-started is equipped with a compressed air starting device, etc.

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