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Functions Of The Generator Set Engine Air Intake System

Apr. 01, 2023

With the popularization and application of diesel generators in social and economic development, more and more companies can choose to purchase diesel generators as uninterruptible power supplies. Because they don't know much about diesel generators, many people fall into a minefield when purchasing them, blindly following the trend and trusting salespeople too much, without knowing anything about generator sets and engines. Many people easily believe in the exaggeration and false advertising of salespeople, and inadvertently fall into the trap of impulse buying.


As a generator set manufacturer with over forty years of production and manufacturing experience, Jiangsu Starlgiht Power friendly reminds that before selecting diesel generators, you must further understand the basic knowledge related to diesel generator engines before you can choose the products and brands that are suitable for you. Today, Starlgiht Power introduces the functions of the engine intake system of the generator set and its instructions for operating at low temperatures.


Function of the intake system of the generator set engine: The function of the intake system is to supply as much fresh or pure air as possible into the cylinders, and to keep the intake volume of each cylinder as consistent as possible, providing a material basis for the thermal power conversion of the grid cylinder.


Composition and structure of the engine intake system: The intake system generally includes an air filter, intake pipe, intake temperature and pressure sensor, turbocharger (if equipped), throttle body, etc.


When operating a diesel generator set in a low-temperature environment, two aspects of the intake system must be considered, namely, air density and temperature. Air Density When the ambient temperature decreases, the air density increases. For turbocharged diesel generators, the maximum cylinder pressure will eventually increase. The following problems can occur when the cylinder pressure rises: cylinder block fracture, cylinder gasket leakage, excessive crankshaft bearing load, camshaft fracture, cylinder head bolt looseness or fracture, piston ring fracture, and piston fracture when using a hydraulic diesel generator for braking.


Cummins generator set

There is a direct relationship between air temperature, intake air temperature, and combustion temperature. For diesel generators, a final result of low intake air temperature is a reduced combustion temperature. When the combustion temperature decreases, the diesel fuel at the lower end will not burn. This unburned heavy end fuel will accumulate on the valve guides and stems to form a tar-like varnish substance, causing it to jam in the open position. Damage can occur when the valve opens and the piston acts. Low intake air temperature can also cause detonation (uncontrolled combustion) and piston erosion. When the temperature is lower than 0 °C, it is recommended to intake air from the insulation hood of the diesel generator, which can provide heating to the intake chamber and reduce engine heat loss.


I hope the above introduction can be helpful to you. Jiangsu Starlgiht Power has won multiple invention patents and is always committed to helping Chinese enterprises develop with advanced products and thoughtful services.


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