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Functions of Special Oil for Ricardo Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 03, 2022

When the oil film of Ricardo diesel generator set is insufficient to avoid direct contact of metal parts, and when the load of Ricardo diesel generator set components is large enough to form a hydraulic oil film, these additives form a chemically bonded molecular oil film on the metal surface under high pressure to avoid direct contact and wear of Ricardo diesel generator set. The oil of Ricardo diesel generator set can wash the pollutants on the important parts and play the role of detergent for Ricardo diesel generator set. If the oil of Ricardo diesel generator set does not play a controlling role, the oil sludge, paint film and oxide accumulated on the piston, piston ring, valve stem and oil seal will cause serious damage to Ricardo diesel generator set.

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Protect the oil from corrosion by providing protective barriers and isolating dissimilar metals. Like wear, corrosion will cause the metal fragments of Ricardo diesel generator set to fall off from the engine parts, and wear is like a slow wear process. The Ricardo diesel generator set needs to cool the internal components, but the main cooling system of Ricardo diesel generator set cannot provide such cooling. By contacting different components, the heat is transferred to the oil and then to the main cooling system of the mooring cooler.

Detergent or dispersant to keep insoluble substances in suspension until the engine oil is changed. The oil filtration system cannot filter these suspended substances, and the long oil change interval will cause sediment formation in Ricardo diesel generator set. Corrosion inhibitor can maintain the stability of engine oil, avoid acid corrosion of metal surface and rust when Ricardo diesel generator set is not running. Ricardo diesel generator set oil must be distributed in a way that the oil does not foam, because of the mechanical mixing process associated with the action of many oils. Due to insufficient oil film protection, foaming oil may cause damage to Ricardo diesel generator set, similar to the damage caused by insufficient oil.

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