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Function of Generator Set Automatic Control System

Nov. 08, 2022

The generator set automatically maintains the ready operation state. When the power grid is cut off, the standby power supply is generally required to start up for power supply in an emergency. However, the generator set must go through the process of power supply for no-load normal operation with load from starting to power supply.

diesel standby generator

If the generator set starts from a cold engine in an emergency, it will often lead to unsuccessful starting, and even affect the service life of the diesel engine. Therefore, under the condition of normal power supply of the power grid, the generator set must automatically maintain its operational readiness.

Preheating of cooling water and oil When the control system detects that the water temperature and oil temperature are lower than the set temperature, start the pre heating system for heating. When the heating fails to meet the requirements for a certain time, an audible and visual alarm will be given to check the failure of the pre heating system.

Maintain the oil pressure and oil pressure lower than the set value, and start the oil pump to pump oil. If the oil pump fails to meet the requirements for a certain period of time, an audible and visual alarm will be given to check the failure of the oil pump system. The generator set will periodically start no-load operation when the generator set is idle, and check various operating parameters at the same time.

After the generator unit starts to supply power and detects that the grid voltage is lower than the set value for a specified time, it automatically opens with the grid, starts the generator unit, speeds up, closes, and supplies power to the load.

If the generator set fails to start for the first time, control the generator set to start again after a 10s delay. If the generator set fails to start for three consecutive times, it will send out a start failure alarm signal.

Maintain the operating state of the generator set. After the generator set starts to supply power, detect various operating parameters, such as cooling water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, diesel engine speed, and output voltage and current. When the operating parameters exceed the set range, the system automatically adjusts. If it cannot be adjusted to the specified range after a certain period of time, alarm signal or opening, shutdown and emergency shutdown will be sent.

After the generator unit shuts down and detects that the grid voltage is higher than the set value for a specified time, it will automatically switch on with the grid. At the same time, the generator unit will shut down normally after controlling the cooling of the generator unit. Generator set alarm and self-protection function The generator set constantly detects various operating parameters and power parameters of the generator set when it is idle or running. If the parameters are beyond the setting range, it will give an alarm or take self-protection (such as opening, shutdown and emergency shutdown).

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