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Four Reasons For Difficult Start Of Diesel Generator Set At Low Temperature

Dec. 22, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Power Guide: Analysis of the reasons for the difficulty in starting the diesel generator set in the communication base station at low temperature. The difficulty in starting the diesel generator set at low temperature has always been a problem. The main reasons are as follows:


(1) The capacity of storage battery in low temperature environment decreases, and the torque of starting motor decreases.

Generally, diesel generator sets are mostly started by electricity, especially the standby small power units of communication base stations. The optimal ambient temperature for battery operation is usually 10~40 ℃. When the ambient temperature decreases, the capacity of the battery decreases, sometimes only 50% of the capacity at 25 ℃. The starting torque of the starting motor is related to the capacity of the battery, and the greatly reduced starting torque causes starting difficulties.


(2) The starting resistance torque between moving parts increases.

Under low temperature conditions, the cold shrinkage deformation of different materials can reduce the fitting clearance. The materials of diesel engine crankshaft and bearing bush, piston and cylinder liner and other parts are different, and the thermal expansion coefficient is also different. The abnormal fitting clearance caused by different cold shrinkage deformation rates will increase the starting resistance distance. At the same time, at low temperature, the viscosity of diesel engine lubricating oil increases, the fluidity becomes worse and even loses the flow ability, which also increases the resistance torque of diesel actuation. Due to the increase of starting resistance torque caused by comprehensive reasons, it is difficult for the diesel engine to reach the required starting speed.


diesel engine

(3) The intake air temperature is too low and the final compression pressure is too low.

The temperature of the air in the low temperature environment is very low. The temperature of the combustion air entering the diesel engine cylinder is very low, and the temperature of the diesel engine cylinder barrel, piston and other related components and lubricating oil is also very low. The heat loss of the air in the compression process is large, and the air is absorbed by the cylinder barrel, piston and other components. At the end of compression, the temperature of the air may not reach the auto ignition point of the diesel. The temperature of the compressed oil and gas mixture in the cylinder is too low, and the moving contact surfaces of cylinder barrel, piston and other components are poorly lubricated, which will also cause the pressure of the compressed oil and gas mixture to be lower than the pressure required for starting.


(4) The physical properties of diesel fuel change at low temperature.

Relevant data show that when the temperature drops from 40 ℃ to - 10 ℃, the viscosity of diesel oil increases by 83% and the density increases by 8%. At low temperature, the viscosity and density of diesel oil increase, the surface tension increases, the fluidity becomes poor, and the atomization is poor, thus prolonging the ignition delay of diesel oil.


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