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Four Practical Methods For Troubleshooting Diesel Generator Set Engine

Jan. 04, 2023

In order to quickly and accurately eliminate the diesel generator set engine failure, do not disassemble the engine without knowing the cause of the failure. In general, after comprehensive inspection and careful analysis, the possible causes of the failure are initially identified, and the first step from the failure is the key to the whole process of troubleshooting. Here are some effective, simple and practical methods for judging and troubleshooting.


1、 Blocking method: the commonly used cylinder stop method is also a kind of blocking method, that is, stop the oil supply to a cylinder of the multi cylinder engine in order to check the cylinder, or distinguish whether the fault is local or common according to the change of the fault phenomenon. For example, if it is found that the exhaust is intermittently smoking, and the fault disappears after a cylinder is stopped, it indicates that the fault is located in the cylinder, and further analysis should be made to find out the cause of the fault. If there is no obvious change in the fault phenomenon after each cylinder is disconnected, it indicates that the fault is not a fault of individual cylinder. Find out the causes that affect the operation of each cylinder. When analyzing electrical equipment faults, sometimes the isolation method can also be used to temporarily isolate a part from the circuit to determine the fault location.


2、 Comparison method: when analyzing faults, if there is doubt about a part, the comparison method of replacing the part with a spare part or with the same part can be used. According to the change of the fault phenomenon, judge whether the component has a fault, or determine the location of the fault. For example, when it is suspected that the injector of the second cylinder has a fault, replace it with a calibrated injector. If the fault is eliminated, it indicates that the injector originally installed on the second cylinder has a fault. If the fault phenomenon does not disappear, it indicates that the fault is caused by other reasons.


diesel generator set

3、 Verification method: For some fault parts or components of diesel generator set, tentative disassembly, adjustment and other measures shall be taken to observe the change of fault phenomena, so as to verify whether the conclusion of fault analysis conforms to reality. Or as a way to make up for the lack of experience and uncertainty about the fault. When abnormal phenomena caused by several different reasons occur at the same time, or the fault reason is related to improper adjustment, it is often difficult to identify the cause of the fault. In this case, the verification method can also achieve better results. For example, if it is suspected that the cylinder liner is seriously worn, which is caused by poor compression of a cylinder, a little oil (about 4-5g) can be poured into the cylinder. If the compression force is increased, it indicates that the suspicion is true.


4、 Variable speed method: if the internal combustion engine of the generator set has faults, the fault phenomenon may change at the moment of raising or lowering the speed of the internal combustion engine. When observing the fault phenomenon, we should choose the appropriate speed to make the fault phenomenon more prominent. Generally speaking, low-speed operation is often adopted, because the speed of internal combustion engine is low and the fault phenomenon lasts for a long time, which is easy to observe. For example, the valve train of the internal combustion engine of the diesel generator set may cause the knocking sound of "Da Da Da Da" due to the excessive valve clearance, which can be eliminated quickly by this method.


Summary: Disassembly shall be minimized during fault analysis. Unauthorized disassembly, or easy disassembly due to confusion and fluke mentality, will not only delay the troubleshooting time and use, but also may cause unnecessary damage or new faults. Dismantling can only be used as a last resort after careful analysis.


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