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Five Possible Causes Of White Smoke From Diesel Generator Set

Feb. 08, 2023

White smoke from diesel generator set: low combustion temperature produces water vapor precipitation. For example, water in the fuel will reduce the combustion temperature. The fuel quality is low or mixed with other fuels. Use unqualified fuel. In case of water in the fuel, drain the fuel from the fuel injection pump and the fuel tank of the diesel filter, fully deposit it in the container, and remove the water before reuse. If the fuel is cloudy and has a peculiar smell, it indicates that the oil quality is abnormal and does not conform to the applicable oil grade. Drain all diesel fuel in the fuel pipeline, and replace the fuel after cleaning.


If the fuel quality is normal and the white smoke is continuous and heavy, the following conditions should be noted:


(1) The cylinder head gasket is ablated and damaged, commonly known as "cylinder flushing gasket (bed)". If the damaged position is at the junction of the water chamber and the cylinder liner, the cooling water will flow into the cylinder under the effect of its pressure difference (mainly at the moment of the diesel engine intake stroke), producing white smoke. At the same time, due to the effect of the diesel engine compression and working stroke, the fuel gas will press into the cooling water chamber from the damaged position, so the cooling water will become oil black again.


(2) The fault features of sand holes and cracks in wet and hot cylinder liners and cylinder heads are basically similar to those of cylinder heads. The specific position is determined by the method of cylinder separation and oil cut-off.


(3) After the diagnosis is confirmed that there are no first two faults, the diesel engine still emits thick white smoke. At this time, the specific fault should be found out by the method of cylinder cut-off. If the white smoke disappears after the cylinder is cut off, it indicates the compression pressure difference of the cylinder (when the fuel injector works normally). The causes of white smoke in the cylinder may include: poor sealing in the cylinder, possible ring cementation, or serious wear, or ring fracture, resulting in serious mechanical wear of the cylinder liner. In terms of valve train: the valve is seriously eroded and leaked, and the valve stem is heavily carbonized, resulting in the valve can not be seated and sealed, the valve clearance is too small, the valve is not closed tightly or the valve is in the normally open state after the engine temperature rises.


diesel engine

(4) Too late fuel supply timing will cause insufficient combustion and white smoke.


(5) The ambient temperature is too low, and white smoke is emitted before the engine temperature rises after starting. The white smoke will disappear automatically as the machine temperature rises. The unburned oil particles with a diameter of about 1.3 microns are white smoke, and the particles below 0.4 microns are blue smoke. When the exhaust emits blue smoke, it indicates that the diesel engine is in poor combustion immediately, which will lead to insufficient power.


When we find that the diesel generator unit emits white smoke, the first thought of the fault should be the lack of operating power of the unit. We should first around this fault to ensure that the diesel generator unit is put into operation in time.


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