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Features of Maintenance-free Batteries for Diesel Generator Sets

Jan. 28, 2022

Do you know what are the characteristics of the maintenance-free battery for diesel generator sets? The diesel generator set start-up battery has gradually developed from the lead-acid battery filled with electrolyte to the maintenance-free battery. In order to let more users know about the new maintenance-free battery relevant knowledge, diesel generator set manufacturers are here to analyze with you, take Shangchai generator set as an example. The specific content is as follows. The general lead-acid battery is composed of positive and negative plates, separators, shells, electrolytes and wiring pile heads. , the chemical reaction of its discharge is carried out by the active material of the positive plate (lead dioxide and lead) and the active material of the negative plate (sponge-like pure lead) under the action of the electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid solution), wherein the grid of the plate, The traditional battery is made of lead-antimony alloy, and the maintenance-free battery is made of lead-calcium alloy. The former uses antimony and the latter uses calcium. This is the fundamental difference between the two.

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Different materials will produce different phenomena: traditional batteries will reduce liquid during use, because antimony on the grid will contaminate the sponge-like pure lead on the negative plate, weakening the reaction in the battery after full charging. The electromotive force causes the excessive decomposition of water, and a large amount of oxygen and hydrogen escape from the positive and negative plates respectively, reducing the electrolyte. Replacing antimony with calcium can change the back electromotive force of the fully charged battery, reduce the overcharge current, and reduce the liquid vaporization rate, thereby reducing the loss of electrolyte.

Because the maintenance-free battery uses a lead-calcium alloy grid, the amount of water decomposition generated during charging is small, and the amount of water evaporation is low. In addition, the shell adopts a sealed structure, and the released sulfuric acid gas is also very small, so it is compared with traditional batteries. It has the advantages of no need to add any liquid, less corrosion to wiring pile heads and wires, strong anti-overcharging ability, large starting current, and long power storage time. The maintenance-free battery has the characteristics of low internal resistance, good low-temperature starting performance, and longer service life than conventional batteries because the electrolyte only produces a small amount of gas under normal charging voltage. Therefore, there is no need to add distilled water during the entire use period, and under normal conditions of the charging system, there is no need to remove it for supplementary charging. However, the specific gravity of the electrolyte should be checked during maintenance.

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