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Faults and Maintenance Methods of Generator Sets Piston Rings

Mar. 29, 2022

For the problems of easy-to-generate piston rings and maintenance methods, it is necessary to know that the piston rings are divided into gas rings and oil rings. The function of the gas ring is to prevent the high temperature and high pressure gas in the combustion chamber from entering the crankshaft foil. The function of the oil ring is to ensure that the oil on the inner wall of the cylinder liner is evenly distributed and prevent the oil from entering the combustion chamber.

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The piston ring of the generator set is prone to serious wear, weakening of elasticity, internal glue and breakage during long-term use. During long-term use, the piston ring will be affected by high temperature, high pressure and reciprocating motion, resulting in increased wear. When the wear reaches a certain limit, the elastic force of the piston ring begins to decrease, and the end clearance, side clearance and back clearance will gradually increase, so that its sealing effect on the combustion air is weakened. When the sealing effect is weakened, incomplete combustion will occur after the diesel fuel is injected into the combustion chamber, and the high temperature and high pressure gas generated in the combustion chamber will also enter the crankcase through the piston ring, which will increase the carbon deposition in the piston ring, weaken the sealing effect, and also It will cause the oil to run up.

The longer it is used, the more glue builds up inside the piston ring. The broken piston ring is generally caused by the incorrect assembly method or the piston ring being stuck by carbon deposits. After the piston ring is damaged, the observation method and judgment method can be used for inspection. When the exhaust pipe of the diesel engine emits black smoke, the oil enters the diesel oil and the power drops rapidly, it is generally considered that the piston ring is faulty. Piston rings are vulnerable parts, and the price is relatively cheap. Generally, the piston rings of the same level as the cylinder and piston can be replaced after damage.

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