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Faults and Causes of Diesel Generator Radiator

Mar. 01, 2023

The main failure of diesel generator radiator is water leakage. The main causes of water leakage are as follows: the blades of the fan are broken or tilted during operation, resulting in the injury of the radiator; The radiator is not fixed properly, causing the diesel generator to crack at the radiator joint during operation; The cooling water contains too much impurities and salt, which makes the pipe wall seriously corroded and damaged.

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When water leakage occurs to the radiator of diesel generator, clean the outside of the radiator and check the water leakage. During the inspection, except for one water inlet or outlet, block all the other ports, put the radiator into the water, and then use the inflation pump or high-pressure air cylinder to inject about 0.5kg/cm2 compressed air from the water inlet or outlet. If bubbles are found, it means there are cracks or damages.

Common sense of diesel generator radiator repair:

1. Repair of radiator upper and lower chambers

Before repair, clean the leaking part, then remove the metal paint and rust with a metal brush or scraper, and then repair with soldering tin. If there is a large area of water leakage at the fixing screws of the upper and lower chambers, the upper and lower chambers can be removed, and then two water chambers of appropriate size can be made again. Before assembly, apply adhesive or sealant on the top and bottom of the sealing gasket, and then fix it with screws.

2. Repair of radiator water pipe

If the outer water pipe of the radiator is slightly damaged, tin welding can generally be used for repair. If the damage is large, the pipe heads on both sides of the damaged pipe can be clamped with pointed-nose pliers to make it watertight. However, the number of blocked water pipes should not be too large; Otherwise, the heat dissipation effect of the radiator will be affected. If the internal water pipe of the radiator is damaged, the water pipe shall be replaced or welded after the upper and lower chambers are removed. After assembly, check the radiator for water leakage again.

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