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Fault Inspection Principles and Methods of Silent Generator Sets

Jan. 21, 2022

The reasons for the failure of silent generator sets are usually caused by various factors. Different failures show different phenomena. To eliminate the failure, we must first find out the cause of the failure. In practice, we can find out by looking, listening, touching, and smelling. Diesel engine abnormal performance, so as to find problems, solve problems and eliminate faults.

The general principles for judging diesel engine failures of silent generator sets are: combine the structure, the principle of connection, clarify the phenomenon, combine the actual situation, from the simple to the complex, from the table to the inside, segment by system, and find the cause.

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In the long-term production practice, people have explored and summed up a set of inspection methods of "seeing, listening, touching, and smelling". Through instrument monitoring and the feeling of human organs, people can observe and judge the operation of the diesel engine of the silent generator set.

Abnormal operation:

After the diesel engine of the silent generator set runs for a long time, the failure occurs, and the following phenomena are usually encountered.

(1) The sound is abnormal and quiet during operation. The diesel engine of the generator set emits abnormal percussion sounds, blasting sounds, bragging sounds, exhaust sounds, periodic friction sounds, etc. during operation.

(2) The diesel engine of the silent generator set is not easy to start, there is severe vibration during operation, the load cannot be dragged, and the rotational speed is unstable, etc.

(3) The appearance is abnormal and silent The diesel engine exhaust pipe of the generator set emits white smoke, black smoke and blue smoke, and each system has oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, etc.

(4) Abnormal temperature, oil temperature or cooling water temperature is too high, bearing overheating, etc.

(5) Abnormal smell When the diesel engine of the silent generator set is running, it emits smells such as odor, burnt smell, smoke smell and so on.

The super quiet generator set is running, and after the above abnormal phenomenon is found, a careful investigation must be carried out, and the location and cause of the fault must be analyzed and judged according to the fault phenomenon. Sometimes a fault may have several abnormal phenomena. For example, after the high-pressure oil pump is worn, it may not only show difficulty in starting, but also show insufficient output power, and also show unstable low-speed operation. Sometimes an abnormal phenomenon may be caused by several faults.

Therefore, when an abnormal phenomenon occurs during the operation of the diesel engine of the silent generator set, the cause of the abnormal phenomenon must be carefully investigated, which requires us to be good at analysis, reasoning and judgment, grasp the essence through the phenomenon, find out the cause and location of the fault, and eliminate the fault.

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