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Failure of Cummins Generator Set During Long Idling Operation

Dec. 03, 2021

Cummins generator set diesel engines are now widely used, but do not pay attention when using them. If idling for a long time, their combustion will deteriorate, and some failures will occur, such as diesel engine overheating, black smoke from exhaust pipes, and power drop , the wear and tear of mechanical parts will reduce the service life, causing the cylinder to be pulled or burnt, and the crankshaft is twisted and deformed. Starlight Power Generation Equipment will explain in detail what are the faults of the diesel engine of Cummins generator set during long-term idling operation.

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1. When idling for a long time, due to low speed and reduced fuel injection pressure, it will cause poor diesel atomization, incomplete combustion of the mixture and formation of carbon deposits. Carbon deposits can easily block the nozzle holes of the fuel injector, causing the diesel engine power of the Cummins generator set to drop, and the exhaust pipe black smoke. Excessive carbon deposits sometimes clog exhaust pipe mufflers, turbochargers and other mechanical parts, making Cummins generator set diesel engines unable to work normally.

2. When the engine is idling for a long time, the oil pressure is low, the oil circulation speed is reduced, and the cleaning ability is reduced, the sealing effect is not good, the heat transfer ability is reduced, the splash lubricated parts receive less lubricating oil, and the acceleration movement has zero surface wear. The service life is reduced.

3. When idling for a long time, the atomization of the mixture is poor and the combustion is incomplete. The condensed fuel or unburned fuel vapor in the combustion chamber will flow into the oil pan along the cylinder wall, thereby diluting the oil in the crankcase and causing The viscosity of the engine oil is reduced, and even the engine oil is deteriorated. This destroys the lubricating effect of the engine oil, resulting in poor lubrication and aggravation of the moving parts of the diesel engine of the Cummins generator set, and the phenomenon of bush burning and cylinder pulling may also occur.

4. Due to long-time idling, the engine temperature of the Cummins generator set is too low, fuel combustion is not complete, it is easy to produce carbon deposits, block the fuel injection nozzle, and serious carbon deposits will cause the piston ring to jam or even break.

5. Engines running at idle for a long time will not burn well, the exhaust emissions of the engine will deteriorate, and if the toxic gas discharged enters the cab, the personnel resting in the cab will be smoked to death by carbon monoxide. Due to the emission of toxic gases, it will also pollute the environment. Therefore, some countries stipulate from the traffic laws that when a car is parked on the roadside, it is not allowed to run for a long time at idle speed (limited to 3-5 minutes), otherwise the traffic police will impose a fine.

6. Too low idling speed results in low oil pump speed, low oil pressure, and insufficient oil flowing to each lubricating point.

7. The internal working temperature of the Cummins generator set engine is constant when it is working, but the heat generated by the exhaust branch pipe and the three-way catalytic converter needs to be cooled by air flow. For example, long-term idling operation will cause some high-temperature parts of the engine to be difficult to dissipate. It may even cause the three-way catalytic converter to be damaged due to high temperature. Generally, the idle time of the engine should not exceed 10 minutes.

The above is the whole content that Starlight Power Generation Equipment explains for you about the failures of the Cummins generator set diesel engine for a long time. I hope you will understand after reading it. The Cummins generator set diesel engine idling for too long is easy to cause combustion. Defects produce carbon deposits, which may threaten life safety in serious cases. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to safety when using diesel engines. If problems are found, they must be resolved in time.

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