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Failure Analysis of Oil Dripping from Generator Set Exhaust Pipe

Jun. 23, 2022

Since there are many pressure seals in the diesel engine of the generator set, such as cylinder liner-piston-piston ring, supercharger-supercharger rotor shaft, etc., this kind of seal usually works fully when the engine load is about 1/3, and it may work when the load is small. A slight leak has occurred.

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Therefore, foreign engine manufacturers usually emphasize this in their manuals. If the genset is running under a small load, the following faults will occur with the extension of the running time:

1. The piston-cylinder liner is poorly sealed, the oil overflows, enters the combustion chamber and burns, and the exhaust gas emits blue smoke.

2. For a supercharged diesel engine, the boost pressure is low due to low load and no-load. It is easy to cause the seal effect of the supercharger oil seal (non-contact type) to fall off, and the engine oil rushes into the supercharger chamber with the entry of the intake cylinder.

3. Part of the oil that escapes into the cylinder participates in the combustion, while part of the oil cannot be completely burned, and carbon deposits are formed on the valve, intake port, piston crown, piston ring, etc. The other part is discharged with the exhaust gas. In this way, engine oil will gradually accumulate in the exhaust passages of the cylinder liner, and carbon deposits will also form.

4. When the oil in the supercharging chamber of the supercharger accumulates to a certain extent, the oil will leak from the joint surface of the supercharger.

5. Long-term low-load operation will lead to more serious wear and tear of moving parts, deterioration of engine combustion environment, and advance of overhaul cycle.

Therefore, foreign generator set manufacturers emphasize that the low-load/no-load running time should be minimized, and it is stipulated that the small load should not be lower than 25%-30% of the rated power of the unit.

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