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Factors to Consider When Buying a Generator Set

Aug. 08, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the contents of various aspects that should be objectively and rationally analyzed when purchasing a generator set.

backup power generator

Quality: Many consumers think that the quality of domestic machines is not very good, but it is not. The quality of domestic generator sets is actually very good. The key is whether you buy the original authentic products. If you buy fakes, the quality is really bad. The fake situation of imported generator sets is also very serious, and the quality is also very bad. When the refurbished imported generator sets are not actually used, many people in the industry are unlikely to distinguish them by their appearance, but the fake domestic generator sets can be identified by experts. Just to avoid fakes, most brands of imported machines are no better than domestic machines, and even some brands are not as good as some famous brands of domestic machines. The characteristics of domestic generators are that they are durable and can be used in harsh environments, while imported generator sets have relatively high requirements for working conditions, and are generally used as fire fighting backups in a better environment.

Noise: The nominal decibel value of the imported machine is calculated according to "≥", while the nominal decibel value of the domestic machine is calculated according to "≤". This is the reason why the noise of the imported machine is much lower than that of the domestic machine when we look at the technical parameters. In fact, the decibel of the imported machine is only slightly lower than that of the domestic machine. Whether it is an imported machine or a domestic machine, as long as it is equipped with a regular complete set of mufflers, the noise emitted can reach the national standard, and the machine room can also isolate part of the noise. People don't feel much noise when they are outside.

Maintenance and accessories: No matter how good the quality of the generator set is, it cannot be without failure. If there is a problem, it will involve maintenance and accessories. Domestic machine maintenance is more convenient, especially accessories, many generator set accessories can be bought in domestic county-level cities. The characteristics of imported generator sets are that there are relatively few problems, but in case of a little failure, the parts need to be replaced, and the price is higher. For example, buying a new oil pump for a domestic generator set is only 1/4 to 1/3 of the cost of an imported generator set to calibrate the oil pump. This is not catastrophic for enterprises. If you want to replace parts, you can only ask the headquarters. To get the goods, this tossing may take several months, and during this time, the diesel generator is just a pile of scrap iron in the corner, and many work of the enterprise may have to stop.

Fuel consumption: the same as noise: imported machines are calculated according to "≥", while domestic machines are calculated according to "≤". Generally, the fuel consumption of domestic machines is ≤209 grams to 230 grams per kilowatt hour under full load use, while When the imported machine is used at full load, it is about 201 grams to 220 grams per kilowatt per hour. When purchasing, users can calculate a reasonable purchasing plan from the price difference between the imported machine and the domestic machine combined with the actual use time they need.

Price: In fact, the cost of imported machines is not much higher than that of domestic machines with tariffs included, or it is equivalent to the price of the same model in China, but the sales price is much higher than that of domestic generating sets. This is also the reason why the imported generator set manufacturers make full use of the Chinese people's psychology to make high profits. But now the price of imported generator sets of some brands is much lower than the price of domestic generator sets of the same power, and the reason is not convenient to "speculate".

Base with fuel tank: some imported diesel engine fuel tanks are equipped at the bottom, with good overall feeling, compact structure and beautiful appearance. But there are also disadvantages: the bottom fuel tank is usually made of organic synthetic plastic, which is easily compatible with diesel fuel. Domestic diesel contains more organic debris and moisture, which catalyzes this kind of gluing. The mixture formed by the gluing of diesel and fuel tank It will block the oil inlet pipe and cause the oil circuit to be unobstructed, resulting in difficulty in starting the generator set, unstable rotation speed after starting, and shutdown for no reason. The bottom oil tank is not easy to drain and maintain, so that the oil deposits are formed.

In addition, the bottom fuel tank is imported with the genset as an optional part of the generator set, and its price is higher. Therefore, it is best for users to use an external fuel tank, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance, and can also increase the oil inlet pressure. If it has been equipped with a bottom fuel tank, it is better to elevate the generator set or set up a sewage pipe for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Starlight Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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