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Factors Affecting The Safety of Generator Set Engine Operation

Jun. 30, 2023

Due to the relationship between the relevant structure of the generator set cylinder body and the working safety and service life of the generator set, improving the quality of care for the generator set cylinder body is relatively the most important aspect. The working heat and stress capacity are related to the working mechanism and lifespan of the cylinder block of the generator set. If maintenance or repair is improper, it will lead to a decrease in the performance indicators of various mechanisms of the engine, resulting in unreliable working safety performance of the generator set engine. When inspecting the cracks in the cylinder block of the generator set, the water pressure test method is usually used to seal the water channel mouth with a dedicated cover plate.

standby genset

Connect the water pipe of the water compressor to the water inlet of the generator unit cylinder block, and then inject the water pressure into the water jacket. It is required to maintain a pressure of 294~392 kPa for 5 minutes and there should be no seepage phenomenon. If there is no water pressure testing equipment, gasoline or kerosene can also be injected into the cylinder block and cylinder head water jacket of the generator set. After half an hour, inspect the generator set for any seepage.

The surface of the cylinder forms uneven wear within the stroke of the generator set piston ring, grinding into a conical shape along the height. The most worn part is at the cylinder wall corresponding to the ring when the generator set piston is at the top dead center position, where the piston ring does not contact the upper port, and there is almost no wear, forming steps. In order to facilitate the heat dissipation of the generator set, a water jacket is also made on the cylinder head, and lubricating oil channels are also made for the parts of the lubrication and distribution mechanism of the generator set. The cylinder head of the generator set with an overhead valve is also equipped with an intake and exhaust duct that cooperates with the intake and exhaust pipes to complete the intake and exhaust work of the generator set engine.

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