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Factors Affecting the Fuel Consumption of Volvo Diesel Generator Sets

Oct. 18, 2023

During the use of Volvo diesel generator sets, many users encounter the problem of increased fuel consumption. However, no problems were found during the inspection of Volvo diesel generator sets, and specific reasons cannot be found during maintenance. What are the factors that affect the fuel consumption of Volvo diesel generator sets? The analysis of Dingbo power generation equipment is as follows:

volvo electric generator

Oil generally enters the combustion chamber through the gap between the piston ring and ring groove, and the gap between the valve and the guide tube. The direct reason for its entry is that the first piston ring drops sharply near the top dead center due to its movement speed, throwing the lubricating oil attached to it into the combustion chamber. So, the fit clearance between the piston ring and the piston, the oil scraping capacity and capacity of the piston ring, the pressure and oil viscosity in the combustion chamber are closely related to the oil consumption. If a high fuel consumption is found, the following checks are usually carried out to identify the problem and quickly solve it.

1. Check if the sealing gaskets at the connections between the diesel engine body and the gear compartment cover, the large plate on one side of the driving wheel, the rear cover, and the cover are intact, and if the screws at the connections are loose. If there is oil leakage at the frame position, it is necessary to inspect the oil casing, mainly the front end of the oil casing on the same side as the running wheel. Generally, the loose screws on the base cause the running wheel to collide with the frame angle iron protecting the oil casing for a long time under the pulling of the triangular belt, forming a gap, leading to oil leakage.

2. The wear of the valve guide of the Volvo diesel generator set leads to additional oil loss in the set.

3. The wear of the Volvo diesel generator set engine causes longitudinal scratches on the cylinder liner of the diesel engine, and the cylinder diameter and piston side clearance exceed the specified value, leading to a corresponding reduction in the supporting force of the piston ring and the occurrence of unclean oil scraping. Alternatively, due to the breakage of the internal support twisted spring in the oil ring, the scraping oil is not clean and participates in combustion, making it difficult for the diesel engine to start, causing blue smoke from the exhaust pipe, and severe fuel injection from the respirator, resulting in additional oil consumption.

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