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Engage the Starting Gear of Diesel Generator with The Flywheel

Nov. 09, 2022

The control switches in the electric starting system of diesel generator mainly include electromagnetic switch and mechanical switch. The electromagnetic switch is driven by electromagnetic attraction to start the fork. When starting the diesel generator, press the switch, and the circuit is battery switch connecting pole 5, iron suction coil connecting pole 6, and the generator is connected with iron battery. The current flowing through the coil makes the magnetic core magnetized to generate suction, which attracts the moving contact and closes the static contact of the diesel generator. Diesel generator battery terminal 4 moving contact static contact holding coil, suction coil terminal 3 starting circuit is lapped with iron battery.

diesel genset

As the current is small, the motor cannot rotate. The magnetic flux direction generated by the current flowing through the suction coil and keeping the diesel generator coil in the same direction is also the same. A powerful magnetic force is synthesized to pull the driving iron core of the diesel generator to the left, drive the shift fork, and mesh the starting gear of the diesel generator with the flywheel. At the same time, push the diesel generator copper strip to the left and press the return spring. When the diesel generator iron core moves to the left limit position, the diesel generator copper strip connects the circuit between terminal 3 and terminal 4.

A large amount of current flows into the DC speed regulating line, the motor rotates and enters the starting state. When starting, the switch is released, the current in the iron suction coil is cut off, the iron core pushes the suction force, and the moving contact trips. The current is cut off by keeping the diesel generator coil and the suction coil through the moving contact and the static contact T. The circuit in the switch is the diesel generator battery terminal 4, the copper strip terminal 3, the fixed coil of the suction coil is overlapped with the iron battery. Since the current direction of the attracting diesel generator coil and the holding coil is opposite, the magnetic flux direction generated by them is also opposite, and the magnetic forces cancel each other, resulting in the attraction to the movable iron core. Under the action of the return spring, the movable iron core drives the starting diesel generator back to its original position, cuts off the circuit between the connecting rod 3 and the connecting rod 4, and the diesel generator stops working.

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