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Emergency Measures For Overheating Of Diesel Generator Sets

Jul. 20, 2022

The hot summer has arrived, and many areas have turned on the "oven" mode. Here, Starlight Power reminds you that in hot summer, not only people need to escape the heat, but diesel generator sets must also beware of "heat stroke". So if the diesel generator set has overheated, how should the user deal with it urgently? Starlight Power will analyze it in detail for you.


There are many reasons for abnormal circulation in the cooling system of diesel generator sets, such as damage to the thermostat, cooling silicone oil fan, fan belt, etc., which causes the cooling system to fail to work normally.


First of all, keep the engine running, it is strictly forbidden to turn off the flame, and pour cold water on the surface of the radiator to accelerate the cooling. Usually in such cases, the temperature of the circulating water is limited, and the engine temperature is below 80 degrees, and the engine is stopped intermittently. Step on the flameout switch or unplug the EFI system sensor, use the starter to drive the engine to run, 10-15 seconds is a running cycle, passively run to cool down, and finally check whether the oil dipstick scale is within the normal range.


NOTE: Do not unscrew the radiator cap at any time until the engine is completely cool.


diesel generator set

The engine is overheating and the cooling system is normal.


The engine temperature is overheated after overloading, but the cooling system can still operate normally.


At this time, the engine should be kept at idle speed, it is strictly forbidden to turn off the flame, and the surface of the radiator should be poured with cold water to accelerate the cooling. When the temperature drops to about 50 degrees at idle speed, unscrew the water tank cover with a thick soaked towel to cool down. Finally, be sure to check that the oil dipstick scale is within the normal range.


Coolant is missing or completely lost.


Engine "dry burning", that is, running without cooling water, can cause very serious accidents. At this time, any method of cooling the radiator with cooling water is basically ineffective, and the engine cannot dissipate heat. It is worth noting that in the state of "dry burning" of the engine, do not use the method of adding cooling water to cool down, it will cause the alternation of cold and heat, the explosion of the engine block and other accidents.


The correct way is to open the oil filling port and quickly add lubricating oil when the vehicle is on. This is because in the state of complete water shortage, the engine lubricating oil will evaporate with a large amount of high temperature and must be replenished quickly. The next step is very important. After adding lubricating oil, you must turn off the engine and cut off the oil. At the same time, run the starter and passively run the engine. It can run continuously for 10 seconds and pause for 5 seconds to maintain this frequency. It is better to damage a starter, but also to keep the engine, and avoid serious accidents such as sticking and pulling the cylinder to the greatest extent.


The above are the emergency measures for overheating of diesel generator sets introduced by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. I hope they will be useful to you. In summer, the majority of generator users must do a good job of ventilation and heat dissipation of diesel generator sets, so as to avoid failures and affect the normal operation of the generator set.


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