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Effective Ways to Prevent Oil Leakage of Diesel Generator Sets

Dec. 22, 2021

After a diesel generator set has been used for several years or a long period of time, the gap between the parts increases, the parts are worn, and oil leakage often occurs. In this situation, what should I do? The following methods tell you how to prevent oil leakage in diesel generator sets.

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1. Leakage control method with glue patch. If the oil tank, water tank, oil pipe, and water pipe cause small leakage due to cracks, blisters, pores, etc., they can be corrected by cleaning the damaged area with glue.

2. Adding pads to cure leakage. Oil leaks at the leak-proof gaskets of the oil pipe joints in the diesel generator set. You can add a layer of double-sided lubricated thin plastic gaskets on both ends of the leak-proof gaskets, and tighten them firmly to prevent leakage.

3. Use pumping to cure leakage. When the fuel tank bottom shell, cylinder head, gear cover, crankcase rear cover of diesel generator set leaks, if the paper gasket is intact and the joint surface is clean, you can apply a layer of butter on both sides of the paper gasket and tighten it. The bolts can prevent leakage; such as replacing the paper pad, soak the new paper pad in diesel for 10 minutes, then take it out and wipe it, and put a layer of butter on the joint surface before installing it.

4. Leakage control method of lacquer sheet liquid. Diesel engine fuel tank, water tank, crankcase and other joints are leaking. After soaking the paint chips in alcohol, the paint chips can be changed to the clean joints.

5. Anaerobic glue to cure leakage. When leakage occurs in the vent bolts, stud bolts, etc. on the diesel engine, anaerobic glue can be used to modify the clean bolt threads or screw holes, which can quickly solidify to form a film and fill the gaps in the parts; this method is used for high pressure diesel engines The thread of the tubing joint has a better leak control effect.

6. Liquid sealant leak control method. When the interfacial leakage and destructive leakage caused by the solid gasket defect on the diesel engine, apply liquid sealant to the clean and clean solid gasket joint surface, and form a uniform, stable and continuous adhesion peelable film gasket after curing. , Can prevent leakage.

7. Standard rehabilitation glue to cure leakage. When the diesel engine shaft and sleeve, bearing and bearing seat, valve and valve acne, self-tightening oil seal, packing, etc. leak, standard rehabilitation glue can be used to clean and clean the wear parts of the cooperative parts. After curing, it will form abrasion resistance and mechanical strength. The higher film layer, and then the geometric shape and coordination accuracy of the machined rehabilitation parts, can solve the leakage.

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