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Drying Method of Volvo Diesel Generator Set Winding

Apr. 13, 2022

When the Volvo diesel generator set encounters a typhoon, it is unfortunately flooded with moisture. At this time, the Volvo diesel generator set winding should be dried immediately. After the winding is dried and reaches the specified insulation resistance value, it can be operated to generate electricity. Due to the limitations of the conditions, the method of drying the windings should also be conditional.

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The winding drying method of Volvo diesel generator set is introduced as follows:

1. Circulating hot air drying method: Make a drying room with insulating materials (such as masonry with refractory bricks), with an air outlet on the top and an air inlet on the side. The air inlet is communicated with the heating chamber, and the heating chamber is insulated with a 220V electric furnace wire of about 3kW (the heating chamber can also be heated by other methods). The heating chamber can be made of iron sheet, and the hot air in the heating chamber is blown into the drying chamber with a hair dryer to dry the windings of the Volvo diesel generator set. The temperature of the hot air in the drying chamber is controlled at about 100°C.

2. Current drying method: use a three-phase voltage regulator to apply a voltage of about 7% to 15% of the rated voltage of the motor to the stator winding, or use an electric welding machine and a single-phase voltage regulator to apply a voltage of 20% of the rated voltage of the generator. ~40% voltage is applied to the stator three-phase windings connected in series with each other, and the current is controlled at about 60% of the rated current of the generator, so that the windings are heated for drying. When drying, pay close attention to the winding temperature and adjust the voltage and current in time.

3. Bulb drying method: put one or several high-power solar lamps (eg: 1KW) next to the Volvo diesel generator set and blow hot air into the Volvo diesel generator set with an electric fan for drying. The author often uses the light bulb drying method, because this method is relatively simple to operate.

Note: Try not to get too close to the coil when the sun light is in operation, so as not to damage the insulation of the coil.

4. Infrared light bulb drying method: use a wooden box or iron box with a vent hole and a thermometer jack on it. Infrared lamps are installed in the box, and the power of the infrared lamps is configured according to the volume of the box of 4-5kW/m3, so that the infrared lamps irradiate the windings for drying, and the temperature in the box can be changed by changing the number of bulbs or the power of the bulbs.

When drying, no matter what method is used, the temperature and insulation resistance should be monitored and recorded at any time. The entire thermometer should be placed at several different points on the Volvo diesel generator set winding and iron core, with good contact protected.

When drying, the insulation resistance of Volvo diesel generating set windings rises at first, then falls, and then rises again. When the insulation resistance stabilizes and the protection remains unchanged for 6 hours, the drying can end.

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