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Discussion on Maintenance Quality of Diesel Generators

Apr. 02, 2022

In the maintenance of diesel generators, some maintenance personnel often only pay attention to the maintenance of parts such as pumps and fuel pumps, but ignore the maintenance of "small parts" such as various instruments. They believe that these "small pieces" do not affect the work of the machine, even if it is damaged, it does not matter, as long as the machine is active, it is sufficient. No one knows that it is the lack of maintenance of these "small parts" that causes early wear and tear of the machinery and shortens the service life.

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Such as oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter, water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, sensor, alarm, filter screen, grease fitting, oil return joint, cotter pin for diesel generators , fan air guide hood, drive shaft bolt lock plate, etc. These "small parts" are essential for the normal operation and maintenance of the equipment, and are essential to prolong the service life of the machine. Occurrence of equipment failure.

When diesel generator maintenance equipment, some diesel generator maintenance personnel do not understand some problems that should be paid attention to in maintenance, resulting in frequent "habitual" errors in disassembly and assembly, affecting the quality of mechanical maintenance. For example, when installing the piston pin, the piston pin is directly driven into the pin hole without heating the piston, resulting in increased piston deformation and increased ovality: excessive scraping of the bearing bush during maintenance of the diesel generator, the anti-friction alloy layer on the surface of the bearing bush is scraped off , resulting in early wear due to direct friction between the steel back of the bearing bush and the crankshaft; do not use a tensioner when removing interference fit components such as bearings and pulleys, and hit hard, which will easily lead to deformation or damage to the components; unpacking new pistons, cylinder liners, fuel injection When the nozzle assembly, plunger assembly and other parts are used, the oil or wax sealed on the surface of the parts is burned, which will change the performance of the parts, which is not conducive to the use of the parts.

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