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Dismantling Principle of Diesel Generator Diesel Engine

Apr. 11, 2022

In order to prevent damage to the diesel engine parts or change of the fitting clearance of the parts during disassembly, certain principles must be followed during disassembly. It is necessary to master and understand the structure and working principle of each component of diesel generator diesel engine. The working principle of diesel generator is basically the same, but the model and structure are varied. In order to prevent damage to the parts of the diesel generator and diesel engine or change the normal fitting clearance of the parts during disassembly, be sure to figure out the structural relationship of various parts before disassembly, and check the manuals that are carried with the diesel generator and diesel engine and related repairs technical information.

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Removal takes into account repair and assembly. When the diesel generator is disassembled, if there is no technical data and manual, and there is no maintenance data of the same series, various data and various torques during the disassembly process should be recorded before disassembly. For example, make detailed records of the fuel injection advance angle, valve clearance, the torque of unscrewing the connecting rod screws, the torque used to remove the cylinder head screws, and the relative positions of each component before disassembly, so as to prepare for assembly and troubleshooting. At the same time, it can also accumulate experience for future maintenance.

Do not arbitrarily expand the scope of repairs. Diesel generator When disassembling the diesel engine, try to reduce the scope as much as possible. As long as the diesel engine is not overhauled and slandered, the disassembly of the parts should be minimized, otherwise the workload will be increased, and the coordination of other parts will be changed.

The disassembly method should meet the technical requirements. There are certain technical requirements for the disassembly of various parts of diesel generators. Generally, the external parts are disassembled first, and then the internal parts are disassembled: the auxiliary parts are disassembled first, and then the main parts are disassembled; the integral parts are disassembled first, and then the integral parts are decomposed. The disassembly of individual components must be carried out according to certain technical requirements. For example, the cylinder head nut cannot be disassembled casually. Deformation occurs, especially for combined cylinder heads. For cylinder head nuts with removal instructions, they must be removed as required. When disassembling, the nuts, bolts, washers and special parts should be classified and placed.

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