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Difference Between Cummins Generator And Ricardo Generator

Oct. 11, 2019

This article mainly introduces the difference between Cummins generator and Ricardo generator from five aspects.

Cummins GeneratorRicardo Generator

Performance Characteristics

Cummins patent technology PT fuel system, ultra-high injection pressure, to ensure good atomization of the engine and sufficient combustion.

The whole forged steel crankshaft, high quality alloy cast iron cylinder head, small size, light weight, small vibration, low noise, low oil consumption, and high reliability.

Cylinder Block

High strength alloy cast iron manufacturing, good rigidity, small vibration, low noise

Using the world's leading technology, alloy cast iron material is uniformly, fine casting, high strength, light weight, compared with the same displacement diesel engine, the weight and volume are decreased significantly.

Cylinder Head

Four valves per cylinder, designed to optimize air/fuel mixture ratio, effectively improve the combustion and emission; such design is convenient for maintenance.

All cylinder heads are four valves, full air intake, smooth exhaust, and excellent performance; oil, water and air pipeline are inside the cylinder, which is economic and high efficiency; with alloy casting, the strength and stiffness are higher; replaceable valve seat and valve guide pipe effectively extend the service life of the cylinder head.


Integral crankshaft is manufactured by high strength forged steel, the induction hardening process of the fillet and axle journal can ensure the fatigue strength of the crankshaft is higher. 

The crankshaft is manufactured by high strength alloy steel full balance integral twist forging; the fillet and axle journal induction hardening improved the balance accuracy and shaft fatigue strength, the reliability is higher, and the service life is longer; the key process fully adopts the world’s advanced equipment processing.

Lubrication System

All moving parts are forced lubrication; large capacity gear pump provides pressure lubricating oil to lubricate the bearings and cool the pistons; oil cooler, full flow filters, and bypass filter can maintian the oil in a good condition.

Gear linkage lubrication pump is installed on lubrication system inside, which can alterntate rotary lubricating oil filers and water-cooled multi disk oil cooling (blow by gas recycling).

Ricardo Generator

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