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Diesel Generator Set Valve Maintenance and Inspection Content

Jan. 20, 2022

During the use of diesel generator sets, the valve will inevitably encounter various abnormalities. When we need to carry out valve maintenance, two problems are involved, one is the valve disassembly problem, and the other is valve inspection and maintenance. Below, the Starlight power generation equipment will be introduced in detail.


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1. Disassembly of the valve


(1) Place the removed cylinder head flat on the rubber or wooden board, then put the special tool on the rocker arm seat bolt, screw the matching nut of the bolt, and turn the nut with an open-end wrench to move the special tool down until the valve is taken out, until the lock plate is reached.


(2) After unscrewing the nut, remove the special tool, and then remove the valve spring upper seat, valve spring, valve lock spring and valve in turn, and then fasten the label and indicate which cylinder part is the number.


(3) When removing the valve spring, you can also use a long screwdriver or other tools to remove it.


2. Valve inspection and repair


(1) The inspection of the valve is generally carried out by observation method and instrument measurement method.

(2) When the valve sealing cone surface is severely worn, pitted or rusted, it should be polished with a polishing machine. When the wear of the valve cone surface exceeds the repair standard, the new valve should be replaced.

(3) After the valve is polished with a polishing machine, the thickness of the outer circle of the disc should also be checked. Under normal circumstances, the diameter of the end face of the valve disc is less than 50mm, and the thickness h of the outer circle of the disc is reduced to 0.6-1.0mm. When the thickness of the outer circle of the diesel engine disc of a large diesel generator set is generally less than 1.5mm, a new valve should be replaced. If the thickness is too small, the valve will be deformed or burned.

3. Inspection and adjustment of valve bending

The bending of the valve can be checked by a dial indicator. When checking, first place the valve on the platform bracket, and the dial indicator contact should be in the middle of the valve stem. Then slowly turn the valve by hand, and carefully observe the dial indicator. Swing difference, when it is found that the curvature exceeds 0.03mm, it should be straightened by knocking or cold pressing. When straightening, generally add a copper sheet to the pressure-bearing part of the valve stem to prevent damage to the surface of the valve stem.

The deflection of the valve disc cone surface is basically the same as the method of checking the valve curvature, as long as the contact of the dial indicator is pressed against the valve disc cone surface. During the measurement, if the deflection is found to exceed 0.05~ When it is 0.08mm, it should be repaired. The grinding of the valve bowl cone surface is generally carried out on a valve polishing machine.

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