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Diesel Generator Set Parts Scrapped Are Mostly Due to Wear

Feb. 16, 2022

Generally, the normal wear and tear of diesel generator parts has a certain periodicity. Generally, there are three links: the running-in link, the stable wear link and the severe wear link. The process of using a diesel generator set is actually a wear process of the parts of the generator set itself, because mechanical wear is unavoidable. According to relevant data, more than 80% of the scrapping of diesel generator set parts is caused by wear and tear. Which 3 types are there? What about wear and tear? Below, the starlight power generation equipment analyzes for you as follows:

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(1) The running-in link, the running-in link of the new diesel generator set, in this link, due to the surface processing of the new friction pair, the original surface is rough. When the original surface roughness of the parts is increasingly flattened due to the operation of the diesel generator set, which is often referred to as running-in, the surfaces of the parts touching each other are increasing, until the surface roughness is stable, and then it enters the stage of smooth wear. The running-in link generally occurs in the final assembly calibration of equipment manufacturing or repair and the calibration and early stages when the equipment is put into trial. During this period, only need to use the proper running-in requirements, you will get an excellent running-in effect. The starlight power generation equipment will lay a good foundation for the smooth running-in of the power generation equipment in the future, and can strengthen the self-adjustment performance of each component of the diesel generator set. The break-in time for this part is about 60 hours.

(2) Smooth running-in link, which is a normal link of running-in. The running-in of this link is slight, the wear rate is low and relatively stable. If the operating state of the parts does not change or changes very little, the wear amount basically accumulates with time. The average speed increases, and the wear speed is slow and stable. When the running-in reaches a certain stage, the parts cannot continue to run and need to be replaced. The time period accumulated in this link is the service life of the parts.

(3) Large-scale wear and tear, when the wear reaches a certain amount, the friction state will cause a huge change, the temperature will rise significantly, and the wear speed will be greatly increased. At this time, the efficiency of the diesel generator set will be significantly reduced, the accuracy will be lost, and abnormal roaring will occur. sound and vibration, and ultimately render the work ineffective. Therefore, when this link is reached, it is often the component that has reached its service life.

What are the main culprits that lead to engine wear? Dust wear, rust wear, corrosion wear, cold start wear. Starlight power generation equipment determines the wear stage of the diesel generator set from the operating state of the engine. For any diesel generator set, the engine can increase with the use of time, resulting in discoloration, wear, loosening and aging at various stages. Therefore, it is necessary to check the engine status.

When checking the engine, it is generally necessary to check the oil, and the Starlight power generation equipment can pull out the oil dipstick to find out the color and position. If the color of the oil is tan, it is a normal phenomenon. If it is black, it may need to be replaced. Pay close attention to the replacement of the oil. In addition, you also need to check the oil position every three to five. Generally, it should be maintained in the middle of the scale line. If it is too low, it may cause oil burning. If it is too high, it may be abnormally replenished.

In addition to checking the oil, you can also observe whether the engine power has deteriorated, whether there is a roaring sound, and whether the fuel consumption has increased. From these surface phenomena, you can know the engine running status. After careful inspection of the engine, if the engine is in a state of wear, special attention should be paid to the operation, and regular maintenance will increase the life and use of the engine. After understanding the different stages of engine mechanical wear and the reasons for their formation, it is also clear that various factors can play a role in reducing engine wear. Corresponding measures can be taken to reduce wear and thus protect the engine.

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