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Diagnosis Skills of Abnormal Noise of Domestic Generator Sets

Feb. 11, 2022

Abnormal noise has always been the focus of research by technicians of generator set manufacturers in our country. In addition to the abnormal noise of the piston ring, the piston top and cylinder head, the knocking sound of the cylinder, the knocking sound of the piston pin, and the abnormal sound of the valve are all precursors of failure. Domestic generator sets are widely used, and it is necessary to master some technical skills. So how to judge the cause of the failure of the domestic generator set according to the abnormal noise of the piston ring? Below, the starlight power generation equipment will take you to analyze it together.

emergency diesel generator

1. The metal percussion sound of the piston ring.

Whether it is a Chinese generator set or other engines, after long-term operation, the cylinder wall is worn, but the place where the upper part of the cylinder wall is not in contact with the piston ring almost maintains the original geometry and size, which makes the cylinder wall a step. If the old cylinder head gasket or the new cylinder head gasket replaced is too thin, the working piston ring will collide with the cylinder wall step, making a dull "pop" metal bump. If the engine speed increases, the abnormal noise will also increase. In addition, if the piston ring is broken or the gap between the piston ring and the ring groove is too large, it will also cause a large knocking sound.

2. The leakage sound of the piston ring.

The elastic force of the piston ring is weakened, the opening gap is too large or the openings overlap, and the cylinder wall has a groove, etc., which will cause the piston ring to leak. The sound is a "drinking" or "hissing" sound, or a "popping" sound when there is a severe air leak. The diagnosis method is to turn off the engine when the water temperature of the engine reaches above 80°C. At this time, inject a little fresh and clean oil into the cylinder, crank the crankshaft for a few turns, and then restart the engine. If it appears, it can be concluded that the piston ring is leaking.

3. Abnormal noise due to excessive carbon deposition.

When there is too much carbon deposition, the abnormal noise in the cylinder is a sharp sound. Because the carbon deposition is burned red, the engine has symptoms of premature ignition, and it is not easy to turn off the engine. This has nothing to do with whether the domestic generator set is good or not. The formation of carbon deposits on the piston ring is mainly due to the loose sealing between the piston ring and the cylinder wall, the excessive opening gap, the reverse installation of the piston ring, the overlapping of the ring ports, etc. The ring part burns, resulting in the formation of carbon deposits or even sticking to the piston ring, causing the piston ring to lose its elasticity and sealing effect. Generally, this fault can be eliminated after replacing the piston rings with suitable specifications.

In the case of a generator set failure, the abnormal noise will be relatively obvious, which is easy to attract everyone's attention. After detecting the abnormality, everyone needs to find the root cause of the fault according to the rules as soon as possible, and carry out timely maintenance work to restore the equipment to a good working state.

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