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Determining Mechanical or Electromagnetic Faults by Generator Noise

Mar. 10, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the problem of distinguishing mechanical failure or electromagnetic failure through generator noise. If what else you need to know about that, welcome to visit our starlight website. Next, we will introduce the relevant content.

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Mechanical noise:

(1) The noise emitted by the bearing. It may be that the bearing steel ball is broken and the lubricating oil is too little. The inspection method is to put the head of the screwdriver on the outside of the bearing cap, the ear is attached to the handle, and the sound of "gurgling" can be heard (it is best to use a suitable hollow tube, and the sound can be heard very clearly), indicating that the bearing is connected.

(2) The noise generated by air friction is very uniform and not strong, which is a normal phenomenon.

(3) The noise caused by the motor sweeping is a "chacha" sound. When the newly repaired motor is running, if noise is found, check whether the motor current is balanced, whether the rotation is flexible, and whether it reaches the rated speed. If there are no above problems, it may be that the insulating paper or bamboo wedge in the stator slot protrudes out of the slot, causing the rotor to rub somewhere. Its voice is both sharp and high.

Electromagnetic noise: The rotor and the stator do not cooperate well (generally occurs when the new motor, or when the rotor of the same type of motor is exchanged). Under normal circumstances, the length of the stator should be slightly longer than the length of the rotor, and the noise is a low hum (or empty sound).

The rotor is displaced axially. Cause electromagnetic noise and the no-load current increases, the electromagnetic performance of the motor is reduced: the cause is that the number of stator and rotor slots is not matched properly (often occurs in new motors); the rotors of other motors are mistakenly installed (or emergency exchange), the stator and rotor The rotor gap is uneven; the stator and rotor are not round, and the shaft is slightly bent; the motor winding is out of phase, short circuit between turns, and short circuit between phases; overload operation can cause electromagnetic noise.

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