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How to Quickly Determine The Cause of Cummins Diesel Generator Failure?

Aug. 27, 2021

Cummins diesel generator sets are widely used in automobiles, ships, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, construction, railways and power generation equipment. Cummins Engine Company also produces engine parts, electronic systems, filtration systems and natural gas engines to meet the needs of different markets. Emission control is also very good, all meeting the most stringent environmental protection standards in the world today.

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Cummins diesel generator sets will have various failures during use, and the phenomena are diverse, and the reasons for the failures are also very complicated. A failure can be manifested as one or more abnormal phenomena, and an abnormal phenomenon can also be caused by one or more failure causes.

Quick and accurate search and judgment of the cause of the fault is the basis and prerequisite for fast troubleshooting. The time spent on finding the cause of the fault accounts for about 60% of the total time.

Failure judgment should not only be very familiar with the basic structure of the diesel engine, the cooperation relationship between the various parts and the basic working principle, but also master the general principles and methods of finding and judging the fault, and be able to use it flexibly. Only in this way, when encountering actual problems, it is possible to quickly, accurately and timely eliminate the faults through careful observation, thorough investigation and correct analysis.

Following the principle of "from simple to complex, from table to inside, section by system, and inference inspection", the meaning of "from simple to complex, from table to inside" is relatively clear, and it is required not to look at the fault as complicated when searching and judging the fault. Analysis and troubleshooting is the same as the general working method, always from simple to complex, from near to far, from the outside to the inside. "Segmented by system, reasoning and checking" requires hierarchical and mechanism-based analysis and judgment of faults.

For example, the failure of Cummins diesel generator set diesel engine exhaust to emit black smoke is mainly related to two systems, one is the intake and exhaust system, and the other is the fuel system. Are the intake and exhaust systems insufficiently supplied or leaking too much? The fuel system is too much fuel, or the quality of atomization, fuel injection pressure and fuel injection time. Then check one by one according to the system, check one item to eliminate a doubt, gradually narrow the scope of the failure, and finally find out the real cause of the failure.

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