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Defects in Maintenance of Low Noise Diesel Generators

Apr. 28, 2022

Diesel generators run at full load for a long time, which can improve their performance. If users can identify potential safety hazards, major accidents can also be avoided. Taking low-noise generators as an example, the maintenance of low-noise generators on the market refers to two aspects: damage repair and daily maintenance: maintenance refers to the replacement of various accessories for the faults after the diesel generator fails. Other means or overhaul the diesel generator to remove carbon deposits in the diesel generator; maintenance is mainly from the regular replacement of the three filters to ensure that the various performance indicators of the diesel generator are good. With the development of the economy, the requirements for electricity consumption in various industries have become higher and higher, and at the same time, it reflects the defects of current maintenance:

generator silent type

The maintenance is mainly aimed at the repair of the silent diesel generator after the failure. After the fault is repaired, there is no effective means to re-test the diesel generator with the actual load. It is impossible to compare the diesel generator before and after the maintenance. After the maintenance, the diesel generator Whether it can be used normally, I have no idea in my heart, and I can't completely worry about the use of diesel generators after the next power outage. However, daily maintenance cannot simulate the operation of diesel generators after a power failure, and failures can only occur during the operation of diesel generators after a real power failure, so the maintenance itself cannot avoid the loss of the enterprise.

Maintenance is to replace the three filters of the low-noise diesel generator on a regular basis, no-load test machine, etc., and from the perspective of replacing the three filters, the user basically once a year on a regular basis, and the number of operating hours of the diesel generator is the replacement of the three filters. The basis of the filter, from the current maintenance method, the diesel generator runs for less than 5 hours per year (in the case of no power failure), which is far less than the number of hours that need to replace the third filter, so the use of the annual replacement of the third filter is Without any scientific basis, it also increases the cost of the enterprise. Therefore, the above maintenance methods are far from meeting the needs of customers from the point of view of cost saving and electricity safety.

In view of the above situation, a new concept is put forward for daily maintenance: centering on preventive testing, replacement of accessories, overhaul or replacement of three filters should be based on a full-load test machine. The preventive test refers to the regular full-load test of the diesel generator that has been put into operation according to the specified test conditions, test items, and test cycles, in order to discover the hidden safety hazards of the diesel generator in operation. It can simulate the real situation when the power is cut off and put forward an objective basis.

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