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How to Deal with The Explosion of Diesel Generating Set Cable?

Dec. 25, 2021

What should we do if the diesel generating set cable explodes? Cut off the power supply of the ignition cable. The cable catches fire and burns. Regardless of the cause, the power supply should be cut off immediately. Then, according to the path and characteristics of the cable, carefully check to find out the fault point of the cable. At the same time, personnel should be quickly organized to put out the fire. Cut off the power supply of the non-faulty cable when a fire occurs in the cable trench. When the cables in the cable trench catch fire, if the cables laid side by side with the cable trench have obvious fire possibility, the power supply of these cables should be cut off. If the cables are arranged in layers, first cut off the power supply of the heated cable above the fired cable, then cut off the power supply of the cable side by side with the fired cable, and finally cut off the power supply of the cable below the fired cable.

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Close the fire door of the cable trench or block both ends of the cable trench. When the diesel generating set cable in the cable trench catches fire, in order to avoid air circulation and facilitate rapid fire fighting, the fire door of the cable trench should be closed or both ends should be blocked. The method of suffocation is used to extinguish the fire. Take care of personal protection when extinguishing cable fires. Since a large amount of smoke and poisonous gas will be generated when the cable is on fire, the rescuer should wear a gas mask when extinguishing a cable fire. In order to prevent personal electric shocks during the rescue process, rescuers should wear rubber gloves and insulating boots. If the high-voltage cables are found to be grounded, rescuers should observe that they must not enter the room within 4m from the fault point, and they must not enter the fault point outdoors. Within 8m, so as not to hurt people by step voltage and contact voltage.

Rescue of injured persons is not limited to this limit, but protective measures should be taken. Extinguishing equipment used to extinguish cable fires. To extinguish cable fires, fire extinguishers should be used, such as dry powder fire extinguishers, "1211" fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, etc.; dry sand or loess can also be used; if water is used to extinguish fires, it is best to use water spray guns; Other methods may be used to fight the fire. After the power supply is cut off, water can be poured into the cable trench to seal the fault and extinguish the fire. When fighting a cable fire, it is forbidden to directly touch the steel armor of the cable and move the cable with your hands.

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