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Daily Maintenance of Volvo Diesel Generator Machine Winding

Dec. 01, 2021

Today we are here to introduce the daily maintenance of Volvo diesel generator machine windings. If you have any questions, welcome to visit our Starlight website.

Keep the outer surface of the Volvo diesel generator and the surrounding environment clean. Do not place any objects on or inside the Volvo diesel generator casing. Wipe away mud, oil and dust to avoid hindering heat dissipation and overheating the Volvo diesel generator.

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Strictly prevent all kinds of oil, water and other liquids from dripping or splashing into the Volvo diesel generator. Furthermore, metal parts (such as nails, screwdrivers, etc.) or metal scraps should not be allowed to fall into the interior. If found, you must try to take it out, otherwise the machine cannot be turned on.

When starting each shift, during the idling warm-up period of the Volvo diesel generator, the running sound of the Volvo diesel generator rotor should be monitored, and abnormal noise is not allowed, otherwise, the machine should be shut down for inspection. Monitoring method: Put one end of the screwdriver blade on the shell (or cover) near important moving parts such as the bearing of Volvo diesel generator, and stick the ear to the insulated handle of the screwdriver, and judge by operating experience. Under normal circumstances, the sound of Volvo diesel generators is balanced and even with a slight wind noise. If there are sounds such as beating, rubbing, etc., it indicates that there is a fault, and it should be carefully analyzed and checked.

When the Volvo diesel generator is running at the rated value, check the fastening of the foot bolts and whether there is any vibration. If the vibration is severe, stop and check.

For Volvo diesel generators in normal operation, pay close attention to the working conditions of the ammeter, frequency meter and voltmeter on the control panel, as well as the power factor meter and power meter, so as to understand whether the Volvo diesel generator is working properly. When the indicator is found to exceed the specified value, it should be adjusted in time. If it is serious, the cause should be carefully analyzed. If necessary, it should be shut down for inspection and troubleshooting.

Pay attention to check the circuit connections of Volvo diesel generators to ensure that they are correct and reliable. Always touch the Volvo diesel generator casing and bearing cover with your hands to understand the temperature changes of various parts of the Volvo diesel generator. Normally, it should not be too hot (generally not more than 65°C).

Check whether the Volvo diesel generator's grounding is reliable. Check the operation of the conductive contact parts such as the slip ring. Normally, there should be no sparks or a small amount of very dark sparks, and the brushes should not be bounced or broken.

Pay attention to the end of the winding. Whether there are flashes, sparks, burnt odor and smoke during the operation of the Volvo diesel generator set. If found, it means that there is insulation damage and breakdown. You should stop for inspection. Generally, it is not allowed to add or reduce the large load suddenly, and it is strictly forbidden to operate with long-term overload or serious asymmetrical three-phase load.

Finally, pay attention to ventilation and cooling to prevent moisture or sun exposure. Pay attention to the good fit of the joints on the Volvo diesel generator and the fastening of the screws. It is forbidden to discard or damage the protective cover of the air inlet and outlet of the end cover during operation, not to be blocked by debris.

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