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Daily Maintenance Method of Volvo Generator Set Radiator

Apr. 14, 2022

The radiator of the Volvo generator set is a very important part of the unit. The maintenance method of the radiator of the Volvo generator set should start from the following aspects, and be careful to prevent the radiator from rusting. Rust may be the cause of critical problems in heatsinks. Since the air in the water will accelerate the corrosion, it is necessary to always ensure that the pipe joints do not leak, and regularly add water from the top of the radiator to discharge the air to ensure that the system is "airless".

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The radiator should not be in the condition of filling and draining parts. If the radiator is in the state of filling and draining, it will accelerate the corrosion. For non-operating Volvo generator sets, drain or fill all the water. If there is a premise, you can use distilled water or natural soft water, and add an appropriate amount of rust inhibitor.

It is not possible to comb the radiator or remove the tube radiator while it is not cooling. In addition to the fact that coolant is generally hot and burdensome, be careful not to run the radiator or open the fan maintenance cover while the fan is running.

After the cooling water removes the hot air from the high-temperature parts, it dissipates the hot air into the air as it flows through the radiator. If the water flow through the alarm is decreased, the heat dissipation will decrease and the temperature of the entire cooling system may increase. The water flow through the radiator is regulated by a thermostat installed in the water channel around the cylinder head drain. The range of the radiator of the Volvo generator set should be 1.8 times, and the range of exhaust air should be no less than 1.5 times that of the radiator. Generally speaking, the range of air intake should be higher than the range of exhaust air. In other words, the intake air volume is higher than the exhaust air volume.

Before estimating the number of air intake vents, it is necessary to fully consider the total cooling flow of the radiator air and the static load of the fan when the Volvo generator set is under rated load. It is installed in the specified generator room, and the released hot air has already been measured in the radiator air. In the total flow, for which radiators are installed in the generator room not far away.

The cover on the radiator is a combination of air vent and vapor valve. When the water in the radiator absorbs heat and the load rises, the steam valve opens, so that the water vapor is discharged into the air from the valve hole. When the water temperature drops, the external air will enter the radiator from the valve hole to ensure a stable load in the radiator. If the valve hole is blocked or the piston cover is lost, the customer should use a common cover plug to seal it, and it will interfere with the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator and the engine. Always ensure that the valve hole is unblocked and the spring is reasonable. If the cover is lost, it cannot be sealed with other materials, and the radiator opening cannot be opened, and a new one must be installed immediately.

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