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Cummins Diesel Generator Set Easy to Emit Black Smoke at High Load

Jan. 04, 2022

Did you know that the exhaust black smoke of Cummins diesel generator set is easy to occur at high load? For example, when the Cummins diesel generator set is overloaded, the car is accelerating or climbing, the exhaust is easy to emit black smoke. Emitting black smoke during operation will reduce economic efficiency, high exhaust gas temperature, and produce carbon deposits, which can cause piston ring seizure and valve seizure. In addition, smoking will obstruct the view and pollute the environment. Cummins diesel generator sets are not allowed to work under black smoke for a long time. After the black smoke appears, the diesel engine load cannot be increased. Therefore, Cummins diesel generator set is also a sign of limiting load increase. The lubrication system checks the liquid level and oil leakage, and replaces the oil and oil filter. Intake system check the air filter, pipe position and joints, and then replace the air filter. Exhaust system Check the exhaust blockage and air leakage of the Cummins diesel generator set; discharge the carbon deposits and water from the muffler.

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Check whether the air inlet is blocked, whether the wiring terminals, insulation, vibration and various components are normal. Change the oil, various oil separators and air separators according to the actual situation. Clean and check the control panel once a month, perform maintenance and protection operations, compare the operating parameters before and after the protection, summarize the protection process, and end the protection statement. The cooling system checks radiators, pipes and joints, water level, belt tension and water pumps. Clean the filter of the cooler fan and the bearing of the cooler fan regularly. The fuel system checks the fuel level, speed limiter, fuel pipes and joints, fuel pumps, etc., drains the liquid, and replaces the diesel filter. Charging system check Check the Cummins diesel generator set and charge the battery once a week, check the appearance of the battery charger, the level and density of the battery electrolyte, the main switch, the wiring tube and the indicator light. The automatic control equipment checks whether the simulated power supply and power failure are normal, and starts the automatic equipment of the diesel engine.

In the Cummins diesel generator set, if the oil is too small, it will be emptied, the oil pressure will drop, and the oil will not reach the lubricating surfaces, which will accelerate the wear of parts and even cause tile burning accidents. Too much oil is easy to leak out at the front and rear ends of the crankshaft, increasing oil consumption, polluting the environment, and increasing the difficulty of maintenance; too high oil level will hinder the movement of the connecting rod, increase resistance, and reduce mechanical efficiency; Cummins diesel generator oil Too much is likely to go up to the combustion chamber and be burned, increasing the consumption of oil. After the oil is burned, it is easy to form carbon deposits on the piston ring, the valve seat at the top of the piston, and the fuel injection nozzle, causing the piston ring to seize and the fuel injection nozzle wall. Malfunctions such as plugs; excessively high oil level is prone to produce oil vapor under the agitation of the connecting rod, which will ignite and burn at high temperature, causing the crankcase to explode.

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