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Correct Use of Wrench in Diesel Generator

Nov. 08, 2022

For various wrench tools used in the maintenance of diesel generator, the arm required by the adjustable wrench handle can be adjusted, and the length of the wrench handle can be adjusted according to different tightening screws to achieve the required arm. To improve the working efficiency of diesel generator, but the specified torque cannot be reached. Torque wrench, used to tighten nuts and screws with specified torque. According to the size of diesel generator nuts, the wrench head can match with a suitable socket.

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When using, the opening of the wrench must be consistent with the diameter of the nut, and the contact between the two should be close. Do not loosen or tighten it too much, or it will easily cause "slipping" and "jamming" of the diesel generator. Slipping is most likely to cause inconvenience to the wrench opening or "love" nut wheel angle. When using the wrench, the wrench opening must be selected properly. In the work, the size of the wrench is suitable for the needs, and you can see the nut by doing everything you can.

When tightening the screws, use hands as much as possible, and use a wrench when the hand strength is insufficient to improve the working speed and efficiency of the diesel generator. As for the proper torque degree of the screw, it is generally based on experience, except for turning to the required torque stop with a wrench. It is customary to tighten the screw again with a little force and lock the nut quickly when the proper tightening degree is reached.

If they are contaminated with oil, they should be cleaned at any time. The handle can be wrapped with cotton yarn as required to ensure safety. If the rusty screw is not easy to turn, inject a proper amount of diesel or kerosene, and then hit it with a hammer, the screw spoon will become loose. Try not to use the nut splitting method to remove the nut, which is likely to cause accidental loss of the diesel generator. When repairing the diesel generator with a wrench, users should pay attention to the correct use and skills of the wrench to improve the efficiency of repairing the diesel generator.

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