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Control Panel Designed For 64 To 250 KW Generator Sets

Mar. 03, 2023

BFK-29 control panel is designed by Fuzhou Power Generation Equipment Plant for its 64-250kW diesel generator set, and its overall dimension is as convenient as the common distribution panel for combination with the distribution panel. The control panel can complete the control and electric energy output of the unit and monitor the operation of the synchronous generator. Measure the current, voltage, power factor and power of the motor. The panel is also equipped with AVR thyristor excitation regulator to realize automatic regulation of generator voltage. In case of automatic damage, the generator voltage can also be adjusted manually to ensure the normal operation of the unit.


(1) Main circuit: when the generator set starts generating electricity, there is 400V voltage at the generator outlet U, V, W and N, which is connected to the control panel, internal wire or bus bar through the cable, connected to the automatic air switch (DL) through the 21.1Ha~2L.Hc current transformer, and then connected to the power grid electrical equipment through the disconnector GK.


(2) The measuring and monitoring circuit is provided with a measuring voltage of 100V by voltage transformers 1YH and 2YH, which are respectively connected to a power meter, a power factor meter, a voltage relay NGJ, a frequency meter and a voltmeter through a universal transfer switch CK. The secondary coil of current transformer is connected in series with ammeter, power meter and power factor meter to provide the required measuring current.

synchronous generator


(3) When the closing circuit is operated, electricity is introduced into the V phase and neutral line N from the bus, and the circuit is added into the control circuit through 9RD and 10RD. Press the closing button HA → DL normally closed contact → HC → 1ZJ normally closed contact. When HC is connected, the three-phase zero-sequence rectifier circuit is connected to the closing coil of the automatic switch through the main contact of DL, and the automatic switch is automatically locked after it is connected. At this time, the other circuit is self-locking through the HC normally open contact. At the same time, the SJ time relay is energized after a 0.5s delay, and the intermediate relay 1ZJ acts. The 1ZJ normally closed contact cuts off the power supply, so that the HC loses power and completes the closing process. When DL is closed, the DL normally open contact will put the automatic switch shunt trip coil in the ready trip state. TS is a loss-of-voltage trip coil for loss-of-voltage protection.


(4) The excitation circuit is composed of power transformer, AVR-E thyristor excitation regulator, fuse and current transformer (special).


(5) Protection circuit.

① Overload and short circuit protection by automatic switch.

② YJ performs overvoltage protection. The control power of the protection circuit is provided by a 24V battery. Each protection element contact is connected to the intermediate relay 1J and 2J, so that the automatic switch release coil is powered on, and the main circuit is disconnected to protect the generator set. FA is the signal reset button after action.


(6) Parallel circuit: this control panel can also be connected with parallel panel or synchronization box, and can be paralleled with similar units, and can also be paralleled with the power grid. At this time, the overvoltage protection circuit needs to be removed from operation, and the reverse power relay is put into operation, which can play the protection role of disconnecting the reverse power unit during reverse power.


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