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Conditions and Power Process of Cummins Generator Starting

May. 13, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the conditions and power process of Cummins generator starting.

Conditions for starting the Cummins generator: When the Cummins generator starts, there must be sufficient fresh air in the cylinder, the fuel system is working normally, and the cylinder must have a high temperature. After entering the combustion chamber, the Cummins generator can start normally. However, the increase of the internal temperature of the cylinder must go through the multiple compressions of the piston in the cylinder to increase the temperature in the cylinder.

cummins diesel generator

When the Cummins generator is running at low speed, the temperature and compression force in the cylinder are low, the air leakage inside the combustion chamber is also more, the movement speed of the plunger inside the fuel injection pump is slow, and the fuel injector cannot meet the specified technical requirements. , which sprays fuel into the combustion chamber in a mist form. If the external ambient temperature is low, the minimum starting speed of the Cummins generator must be increased to meet the requirements of normal starting.

Analysis of the starting power process of the Cummins generator: The task of the Cummins generator starter is to give a certain torque to the crankshaft of the Cummins generator, and to make the crankshaft speed reach above the starting speed of the Cummins generator. The speed of the crankshaft determines the torque and The difference between the resistance torque of the Cummins generator itself.

The torque of the starting device is determined by the voltage and capacity of the battery and the power of the starter. If the voltage or capacity of the battery does not meet the specified technical requirements, the Cummins generator cannot be started. If the power of the starter is too small, the Cummins generator cannot be started normally.

The resistance torque of the Cummins generator when starting is mainly determined by the viscosity of the oil, the frictional resistance of the running parts of the Cummins generator and the gas compression force inside the cylinder. Therefore, in different seasons, different brands of Cummins generator oil should be used. When starting the Cummins generator in winter, decompression starting is required in individual cases to reduce the starting resistance of the Cummins generator.

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