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Composition of Lubricating Oil System of Gas Turbine Generator

Oct. 08, 2022

The lubricating oil system of gas turbine generator is an important auxiliary system of its unit. Today, the design of the lubricating oil system has been very perfect. Today, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will briefly explain the composition and structure of the lubricating oil system of gas turbine generator.

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1. Lubricating oil tank

The lubricating oil tank can be set in one or several chassis of the unit, or can be designed as a separate container. When the oil tank is composed of several containers, pipes shall be used between them to balance the pressure in the oil tank. In addition to oil storage, the oil tank also undertakes the task of separating air, water and various mechanical impurities. The oil flow speed in the oil tank shall be as slow as possible, and the oil return pipe shall be arranged at the oil level close to the oil tank to facilitate the escape of air in the oil layer. The larger the capacity of the oil tank, the more conducive to the separation of air, water and various impurities.

Generally, the circulation ratio K (the number of times that all lubricating oil passes through the oil tank per hour) is used to represent the relative situation of the system volume, Q represents the volume flow of oil per hour of the system, V represents the volume of the system (oil tank+pipeline), and the circulation ratio K=Q/V. It is generally specified that K=8~10, and the maximum value shall not exceed 12. This is to allow enough time to separate the air and water entrained by the lubricating oil returned from the system. However, in order to have a compact structure and avoid heavy equipment due to the large volume of oil tank, the oil tank capacity of most units is too small, which forces users to choose lubricating oil with better water separation performance and smaller air release value.

2. Main lubricating oil pump

This is the working oil pump during the normal operation of the unit, which can be driven by the host through the auxiliary gear, or by the AC motor. In order to simplify the structure, large units often use electric power. The capacity of the oil pump is determined according to the total oil consumption of the system, the overflow of the regulating valve and the leakage of the pipeline. The main oil pump is commonly used as gear pump, screw pump or centrifugal pump.

3. Auxiliary lubricating oil pump

This is the working oil pump when the unit is started and stopped, or put into use when the main oil pump fails, usually driven by an AC motor. This pump is mostly immersed centrifugal pump. Its pressure and capacity are generally the same as or slightly higher than those of the main oil pump.

4. Emergency lubricating oil pump

When the pump is shut down, it is put into operation due to the failure of the auxiliary lubricating oil pump, or due to the loss of AC power supply, or because the main pump and auxiliary pump cannot work and the unit cannot be shut down in an emergency. As the emergency pump only works in case of failure, its pressure and capacity are generally small. Some lubricating oil systems use high level oil tank instead of emergency oil pump.

In addition to the above four components, the gas turbine generator lubricating oil system also includes valves, orifices, switches, oil tank indicators, heaters and other components, which requires mutual cooperation between the components to ensure safe and stable operation of the lubricating oil system.

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