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Composition and Principle of Sensors of Cummins Generator Set

Dec. 09, 2022

If the Cummins generator set fails to start due to the fault of the speed sensor, the Cummins generator set can be successfully started again after the new speed sensor is replaced. (The speed sensor, temperature sensor and pressure sensor of Cummins generator set are hereinafter collectively referred to as sensors.) What parts are the sensors of Cummins generator set composed of? How does it work? Here, Starlight power generation equipment is briefly analyzed for you.

Cummins diesel generator

The sensor of Cummins generator set is generally composed of three parts: sensing element, conversion element and conversion circuit.

1. Sensitive element

An element that directly feels the measured and outputs other quantities in a certain relationship with the measured. Not all measured non electric quantities can be directly converted into electric quantities at one time. The sensing element is also called a pre converter. For example, all types of elastic elements in the sensor are sensitive elements.

2. Conversion element

A component that converts the output of a sensing element into electrical parameters (voltage, current, frequency, etc.). Such as resistance strain gauge, Hall element, etc.

3. Conversion circuit

It generally refers to the circuit that converts the number of electrical parameters into electricity (voltage, current, frequency, etc.). The conversion circuit plays the role of converting the output signal. The common ones are signal amplifiers, bridges, oscillators and impedance converters, which are often assembled with sensing elements and conversion elements.

The above division has no strict limit in the actual sensors. The simplest sensor has only one sensing element (also a conversion element), which directly converts the sensed measured energy into electrical output, such as a thermocouple sensor. For some sensors, the sensing element and the conversion element are integrated, such as the capacitive pressure sensor. For the sensor with conversion circuit, the conversion circuit can be assembled with the sensing element and conversion element, or installed in the external circuit box as required.

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