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Common Starting Methods of Silent Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 09, 2022

The function of the oil delivery pump in the silent diesel generator set is to ensure that the diesel oil circulates in the low-pressure oil circuit. The Starlight quiet diesel generator set ensures that a certain amount of diesel oil and pressure are delivered to the fuel injection pump through the diesel hose and diesel filter. There are many types of oil transfer pumps, including piston type. Sliding plate type and rotor type, etc.

quiet generator

Small and medium-sized high-speed silent diesel generator sets often use piston type and sliding vane type fuel transfer pumps. Rotor type fuel transfer pumps are generally installed on distribution type fuel injection pumps. At present, piston type fuel transfer pumps are widely used. When the silent diesel generator set is working, the oil transfer pump shall use the roller of its upper device to make relative motion with the eccentric wheel on the camshaft of the oil injection pump, so that the piston in the pump will have reciprocating motion.

Starlight silent diesel generator set applies this suction function to escort diesel oil to the main oil channel inside the fuel injection pump. At the same time, the fuel transfer pump can automatically adjust the amount of diesel oil supplied to the fuel injection pump according to the load of the silent diesel generator set.

Xd ″ represents the transient reactance at the very beginning of the sudden three-phase short circuit during the operation of the silent diesel generator set. When the low noise diesel generator set is suddenly short circuited, the rotor excitation winding and damping winding adhere to the same flux linkage, induce the current that demagnetizes the armature response flux, and squeeze the armature response flux to the leakage flux of the excitation winding and damping winding.

The magnetic resistance of this way is very large, that is, the magnetic conductance is very small, so its corresponding direct axis reactance is also very small. This equivalent reactance is called direct axis subtransient reactance Xd ″, that is, when the silent diesel generator set with damping winding suddenly short circuited, the cycle weight of stator current is limited by Xd ″. In structure, Xd ″ is mainly determined by the leakage reactance value of stator winding and damping winding of silent diesel generator set.

After passing through the filter, the engine oil is divided into two ways: one way is filtered by the centrifugal fine filter and directly flows back to the oil pan; The price of Starlight silent diesel generator set is filtered in the primary engine oil filter (via the bypass valve when the filter element is blocked) and then enters the engine oil cooler.

The cooled oil is transported to the oil passage on the cover plate of the transmission gear room, and then divided into two ways: one is transported to the connecting rod journals of each gear through the internal oil passage of the crankshaft; The manufacturer of Starlight diesel silent diesel generator set has another way to share dividends. After the oil in one way is input into the hollow oil duct of the camshaft, it enters each gear bearing to stop smooth, and then it is sent to the rocker arm shaft to smooth the rocker arm through the holes on gear 2, 4, and 6 bearings, the vertical oil ducts of the cylinder block and cylinder head, and the oil pipe joints. A small amount of oil is sprayed through the nozzle on the cover plate to smooth the transmission gear.

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